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    A Sampling From My Life!

    Handcrafted jewelry, health and nutrition, wood burned art, international travel, beauty and fashion, social justice, spirituality, good food and drink, loving family and friends...

I started making jewelry back in 2000 and my favorite pieces to create for the longest time were rings. Though I tried my hand at creating all kinds of jewelry, from earrings and bracelets to handcrafted chains, necklaces, and pendants. But about two years ago I began using annealed steelRead More →

Keto vs. Vegan

Have you been confused by all of the conflicting and contradictory diet and nutrition messages out there? In particular, there seems to be a major divide between whether a low-carb, ketogenic diet or a low-fat whole-foods / plant-based diet is the better choice for overall health, nutrition, and longevity. IRead More →

Top Hat and Wand

CHAPTER ONE – JACK 2017 Present Day The memory was fuzzy, like looking at a photo through grease-smudged reading glasses. There was something there, just beyond his grasp, that he couldn’t quite bring into focus. Faces he strained to remember. They came to him most often in dreams, when heRead More →