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About Tracy Partridge-Johnson


About Tracy Partridge-Johnson

Here's a bit of history... Network Marketing - In 1997, while raising a family of seven children, Tracy launched her first business, Brown Paper Coffee Company (BPCC), a network marketing based, gourmet coffee, tea, and biscotti sales company with consultants in 5 states. Software Development - In 1998 Tracy began working with her life partner, Jeff, as administrator and customer care specialist for what was then Techniflex, his pagination software development business for the publishing industry.  Over time Techniflex evolved into Eight Up, Inc., and then, later, after most print publications went digital, their software business expanded to include a wide variety of desktop, web and mobile applications and in 2015 they restructured, brought on additional team members, and became Code Hat Labs, LLC. www.codehatlabs.com Jewelry Design - In 2000 Tracy began teaching herself to create handcrafted jewelry. She has continued her love of creating unique, ...

My Handcrafted Jewelry

These are just a few of the custom pieces I have created. To view more visit my jewelry design website: tracyjdesigns.com

My Fictional Novel

Read the first six chapters from my youth fiction novel: Jack And The Magic Hat Maker

    • Mr. and Mrs. Mac Paidin didn’t expect to die on their way home from the dance. Saturday evening Faith put on her Sunday finest; a beautiful red and navy chiffon with white collar and cuffs. Slipping into the heels she’d chosen for the ...

      Prologue – Jack And The Magic Hat Maker

      August 27, 2016
    • Mac Paidin Manor sat at the end of a long, winding driveway on the top of a rocky hill overlooking The Irish Sea. It was more than a house. Much more. Made of dark gray bumpy stone, there were 60 bedrooms and almost as many bathrooms in the ...

      Chapter One – Edward

      August 24, 2016
    • It was muggy and dark outside Mac Paidin Manor when the deeply resonant “Ding, Dong” of the front bell announced that someone was requesting entrance. Arthur made his way from the formal dining room, where he had been busily polishing silver ...

      Chapter Two – Sisters

      August 23, 2016
    • The memory was fuzzy, like looking at a photo through grease-smudged reading glasses. There was something there, just beyond his grasp, that he couldn’t quite bring into focus. Faces he strained to remember. They came to him most often in ...

      Chapter Three – Jack

      August 22, 2016
    • She was gazing out a large, old, leaded glass window onto a vast and frigid landscape. The last remaining glimmer of daylight rapidly diminishing over the horizon. Though it was only 4:15 in the afternoon you would have expected it to be much ...

      Chapter Four – The Dark Cabal

      August 21, 2016
    • Bart was frantically going through his pockets as Jack regained awareness of his surroundings. Gulping in enormous gouts of air, trying desperately to get precious oxygen to his lungs, Jack knew instinctively what Bart was searching ...

      Chapter Five – The Telescope

      August 2, 2016

Why I Chose AVON

After my mother passed away in November 2015, following her lengthy battle with breast cancer, I decided I wanted to align with a community of women who are actively working to do whatever is possible to combat this horrid disease. At the same time, as a home-based business owner of more than 20 years, I also wanted to expand my income options. I've been making handcrafted jewelry and pyrography (art burned into wood and leather) for years. But it can be challenging to find customers to ...

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