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Tarot Reading

I am a professional tarot reader with more than 15 years experience reading for people all over the world. I helped thousands of clients over live webcam at Oranum. But let me give you a little background history.

Back in 2003 I thought it might be fun and interesting to learn how to conduct tarot card readings. I always had a gift for insight (my mother was also gifted) and others frequently came to me for personal advice. So, after learning the cards, I began practicing on family and friends. Turns out I had a knack for readings. I continued to improve my skill over the years and in 2008 I got my first job working for an online spiritual coaching (or psychic reading) website. From 2012 – 2015 I earned a pretty respectable income performing readings for people all over the world.

Whether you are seeking guidance on love & relationships, money/finances, career/education, relocation, or any other matter, a quality tarot reading can provide the insight you need. Move forward with confidence and calm assurance that you are making the best decision at this point in your life.

Feel free to read some of the many TESTIMONIALS I have received from previous clients, then book your consultation below.


$35.00 1-Question Email Reading

An 8-Card Comprehensive Reading covering the current status of the situation, recommended path forward, and the probable outcome should you follow the prescribed advice.

This reading is for a single question but may involve more than one person.

$99.00 3-Question Email Reading

Save $6.00 over the per-question price above!

Same type of reading (8-Card Comprehensive) as above, but this reading includes 3-Separate Questions.


$180.00 – 60 Minute Live Tarot Reading Session

Ask as many question as time allows. Receive clarification on details you could never discover in an email reading.

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