Tracy - April 24, 2023Welcome, My Beautiful Magic Lovers!

My name is Tracy Partridge-Johnson, and I’m a published author living in beautiful Tyler, Texas. Many of you may know me from my days living in my birth state of Oregon, where I lived for twenty-five years. Until last year, that is, when Jeff and I made the momentous decision to leave the Pacific Northwest and make the trek south to our new home in NE Texas.


In 2016 I began writing a Middle-Grade fantasy series loosely inspired by my father’s real-life orphan childhood experience. If you’re interested in that backstory, you can READ DETAILS on my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker website. When thinking about a pen name for my fiction writing activities, I decided to incorporate my maiden name because I thought that would help those from my youth find me more easily. And it made my mother really happy when I incorporated my family name into my professional business image. So, Tracy Partridge-Johnson became my author name, even though it is kind of long and hard to remember. 😉

I’m currently finishing up the last bits of Book Four in my nine-book series: The Risky Reunion. Publish date is scheduled for May 28th. You can Pre-Order the eBook now on Amazon or Purchase an Autographed Paperback directly from me.


Others of you may know me from my work as a Professional Pyrographer. I still create unique portraits and other works of art by burning images and lettering onto wood or leather. Many of my clients are those who are looking for a meaningful tribute to a loved one…person, or pet…who has passed on. If you’d like to view some of my pyrography, you can do that HERE. You may also commission a piece for yourself by visiting MY ETSY SHOP.



I’ve always been interested in diet because… weight loss. But I became a little more obsessed after my father had a double heart attack and multiple mini-strokes, severely impacting his health and memory. If you’re interested in that story, you can read all about it HERE.


If you know me from my childhood in Utah or are just curious to learn more about my background and upbringing, you might enjoy the story and photos on my About Me page. There’s information there about my various business activities, spirituality, and more.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope you have fun looking around. If you have questions or thoughts to share, feel free to email me directly at:

Blessings and Hugs,


Best Tracy - Nov. 25, 2022
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