New Year’s Ritual for 2024

My Focus for the New Year I like to perform a special little New Year’s Ritual, and 2024 is going to be kind of a pivotal year for me, numerologically speaking. And I really dig numerology. 😉 I have this little ritual I do most nights. And last night was […]


New Year’s Resolutions

What are you resolved to accomplish in 2024? Two years ago this coming New Year’s Eve, Jeff and I looked at one another and came to a firm decision: We were leaving our home state of Oregon and moving across the country to a completely unknown city in North East […]


Insure Me Shop – Protecting You, One Policy at a Time

Insure Me Shop provides comprehensive Individual and Group Health Insurance, Medicare, Life Insurance, Supplemental (Vision and Dental), and Financial Planning solutions to secure your future. Licensed in 31 States but residing in Texas, they offer agents committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the process. Why Choose Insure Me Shop […]


My Fave Fall 2022 Hair Trends

FALL 2022 HAIR TRENDS I’ve been dying my hair since I was thirteen years old. I was born a toe-head blonde. Do kids these days even know what that means? I was the only child in my family of five kids who had naturally white-blonde hair. That’s me, front and […]


Why is Pumpkin Spice a Thing?

PUMPKIN SPICE, I’M A FAN! I don’t remember when I became aware of the popularity of Pumpkin Spice. I think it was probably long before social media was a thing. My sweet little mother was a terrific cook. But even more than that, she was a fantastic baker! Most days, […]


Supporting Other Artists Instead

I HAVE BEEN A PROFESSIONAL PYROGRAPHER FOR A LONG TIME If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that I’m not only a fiction author, but I’m also an artist. In fact, I started burning art onto wood and leather, an art form known as pyrography, long before I […]


Welcome to my Closet Office

I’ve nicknamed this closet office my Cloffice. This is where I’m setting up a temporary work space until we move out onto our own acreage. Jeff and I moved from Forest Grove, Oregon to Tyler, Texas, last week. We set up short-term housing in a nice, gated apartment community while […]