Tracy Partridge-Johnson

Tracy Partridge-Johnson is the Founder of Self-Published Author (, where her mission is to empower and support independent authors on their journey to literary success.

Tracy is an inspirational leader, mentor, and connector for authors and small business owners who are changing the world. She has written more than 20 fiction and nonfiction books, but she is best known for her Jack and the Magic Hat Maker middle-grade fantasy series.

With a combined social media following of thousands, Tracy is an expert at showcasing, promoting, and supporting the world’s most talented indie authors and small business owners.

Ms. Partridge-Johnson is a native of Oregon, where she lived for the better part of 25 years. She recently relocated to NE, Texas, with her life partner, gifted software development engineer and entrepreneur Jeff Jarvis. The couple has eight adult children and eight grandchildren between them.

Tracy is a talented artist who enjoys turning on the creative flow by hand-burning art onto wood and leather (pyrography), writing, and creating custom T-shirts and jewelry. She embraces a sense of balance by spending time in nature building on their two-acre homestead, sipping a fine glass of zinfandel, conducting tarot readings, nibbling decadent dark chocolate, and hanging out with friends and family.

Tracy Partridge-Johnson is dedicated to leaving her legacy as a ‘conduit for change’ by bringing more health, happiness, and well-being to the world with a collaborative spirit and intentional action.