Video Trailer - The Golden Telescope

Video Trailer: The Golden Telescope

Video Trailer for The Golden Telescope – Book One in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker middle-grade fantasy series.

Hey Everyone! I’m SUPER EXCITED to have received this video trailer back from my videographer this morning! I got the initial version from him yesterday, but on the screen where he zooms in with the “ONE RELUCTANT 12-YEAR-OLD-HERO,” he had the focus on Bart, standing over Jack on the floor. So, I needed him to change that focus to be on Jack instead. I got the revised version back this morning, and I’m just thrilled with the job my guy did!


I honestly DO need your help. Seriously.

It’s challenging to “break out” as an author these days. It really does take a TEAM effort to spread the word so that a book/series gains momentum. And I NEED YOUR HELP so that I can turn my orphan dad (Jack’s character) into a SUPERHERO!


Here’s what I need from YOU –

  1. WATCH the 49-second video trailer. Then GIVE IT A THUMBS UP!
  2. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to help my videos get more visibility.
  3. SHARE the link: on all of your Social Media profiles.
  4. READ the Book (FREE eBook version HERE –
  5. LEAVE an honest REVIEW on the Amazon sales page (where you can purchase the paperback or hardcover):


I’m holding a DRAWING! After completing all of the above actions, EMAIL ME a screenshot of YOUR SHARE of the video trailer link ( on Facebook (or other primary social media), and I’ll enter your name into the DRAWING!

*Pssst! You CAN enter MORE THAN ONCE! Each social share – on different social media platforms – will get your name entered into the drawing!


Here is what I’m including in the DRAWING PRIZE –

  1. Autographed Paperback Copies of Books One and Two in the Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series.
  2. A Classic Coffee Mug featuring cover art from The Golden Telescope.
  3. A Classic T-shirt (in your preferred size) featuring cover art from The Golden Telescope.


I will hold the drawing the day I publish Book Three – Ross and Faith – by end of summer 2021. All entrants will be notified of the winner by email.


I want to thank you, in advance, for your participation and for YOUR HELP in spreading the word about my series!

I’m actively working on writing Book Three – Ross and Faith – with an anticipated publish date of summer 2021.

Your support means so much more than you know! It helps LIFT MY SPIRITS so that I can focus more on writing instead of spending so much time on marketing.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3

All my love,


Tracy - January 23rd, 2021

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