CARD OF THE DAY – Saturday, Sept. 16th, 2023

The Magician KEYWORDS: personal power, intention, will, resourcefulness, manifestation, creativity, skill, concentration, brilliance, synchronicity, flexibility, convention, fresh start, selected destiny, success, learning, conscious awareness, action, transformation, origination, confident, intense, active. TODAY’S MESSAGE – You are magical! You can take a thought and transform it into something real. Today, set an intention and follow through with […]

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CARD OF THE DAY – Monday, Aug. 21st, 2023

The Hanging Man KEYWORDS: surrender, new perspective, waiting, sacrifice, release, humility, patience, biding time, renunciation, suspension, accepting destiny, mysticism, redemption, rethinking your identity TODAY’S MESSAGE – Try to look at things from a new perspective. You may feel frustrated that things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like today. Be patient; stop trying to force […]

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CARD OF THE DAY – Saturday, Aug. 12th, 2023

FIVE OF SWORDS KEYWORDS: defeat, loss, failure, anxiety, greed, shameless opportunist, discord, infamy, self-defeat, arguments, irritability, feeling attacked TODAY’S MESSAGE – Watch out for the need to win or be right today. Though “winning” may be gratifying at the moment, your ego-based stubbornness will get in your own way eventually. It’s OK to say, “Actually, […]

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CARD OF THE DAY – Friday, Aug. 11th, 2023

Eight Of Pentacles KEYWORDS: meaningful work, precision, commitment, stocking up, repetition, training, learning, selling something, economy, cunning, practical success, commissioned work, vanity TODAY’S MESSAGE – Today is a day to focus on your craft. Don’t be lazy. Don’t cut corners. What you are creating or doing is a reflection of who you are. Put in […]

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CARD OF THE DAY – Thursday, Aug. 10th, 2023

KEYWORDS: strategy, mental tests, deception, gathering information, breaking agreements, partial success, sneakiness, confidences betrayed, trickery, element of chaos, hidden motives, subversion TODAY’S MESSAGE – This is a card about doing what serves your own ends, even if the means are deceptive or manipulative. When this card comes up, it could be that you have stolen […]

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Healthy Aging: Tips and Advice on Maintaining Good Health as You Age

THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY AGING If you believe in the power of embracing life’s later chapters with grace, vitality, and a zest for living, I celebrate that remarkable journey with you. Healthy aging becomes a testament to wisdom, resilience, and endless possibilities. At its core, healthy aging is a multifaceted adventure that encompasses nourishing our […]

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Sweet Indulgence That Isn’t A Sin

SWEET INDULGENCE THAT ISN’T A SIN Sweet Indulgences are naughty, right? Let’s find out. Do you even know the meaning of the word Indulgence? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: an indulgence is the act of indulging in something. And indulging is further defined as: Willing to allow excessive leniency, generosity, or consideration. The word was first […]

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