Queen Elizabeth – My Pyrography Tribute

Queen Elizabeth - Final with Ribbon


Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth was an amazing monarch. Whether you admire her or not, there is no denying her rule was long and successful. I honestly don’t know as much about her as many others might, but I’m confident there are few alive on the planet today who don’t know who she was.

Like many with access to streaming video entertainment, I watched the first season of Netflix’s The Crown series, depicting her life and reign. And while I’m sure the producers took ‘artistic liberties’ with the content, it’s clear Queen Elizabeth was an amazing woman.


I guess you could say I have a slightly neutral opinion about the queen. Since I’m an American and not involved in international politics, like most on this side of the pond, I only consume the snippets about the royal family provided to me by the media. But I do find the British monarchy intriguing. So with Queen Elizabeth’s passing, I thought this might be the perfect time to burn a small portrait of her.


Queen Elizabeth - Final with RibbonWooden Christmas ornament blanks are something I have in abundance right now, what with the upcoming holiday season. And I thought this small canvas offered the ideal surface for my miniature portrait of the queen.

Below is a gallery to show you my process, from the initial burned outline to the final ornament.

Working with a natural product, like wood, presents its own unique challenges. As you can see in the first photo of the initial outline below, there is a tiny knot in the middle of the piece that happens to fall right between Queen Elizabeth’s eyes. This defect in the wood was a bit of a bugger to camouflage. I did the best I could, and fortunately, she has some deep lines just there that help to distract the eye.

After I was done with the portrait burning and hand-coloring with oil-based artist pencils, I decided to darken the background to make her image really POP!

I completed the piece with a burned signature, a light spray of clear lacquer to seal in the color, then added a sheer burgundy ribbon and twine hanger. Her new owner will have the option to add a burned personalization on the back side. You can purchase my Queen Elizabeth ornament HERE.

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