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How I Burn A Vikings Pic

How I Wood Burn A Vikings Pic

This is a short, time-lapse video clip of me working on burning a Vikings piece based on the Netflix series by the same name. I’m Swedish on my mother’s side so, have always felt a real connection with that Norse ancestry. I really loved this series…watched the entire thing all the way through, twice, lol! So, this piece is a “just for fun” project for me! Below you’ll find an update video depicting the progress I’m making on the Vikings piece. It’s still a work-in-progress. I like to keep several of my own in various stages of completion so that …

Klaus Mikaelson - Progress

Klaus Mikaelson Portrait

Klaus Mikaelson is my favorite character from the television series’ The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I knew I wanted to create a series of burnings depicting several of the characters from both shows.  It was no contest deciding which character I wanted to burn first! Klaus is the bad guy you hate to love. He is capable of unimaginable evil and viciousness…while at the same time possessing such a depth of personality…culture, elegance, dignity, passion, devotion and even sensitivity, with a tender heart for those select few he is devoted to. The story line shows us that he only …

Custom Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board – Raffle Winner

I belong to several local Chambers of Commerce, including the Forest Grove, Oregon Chamber. They had an annual Chamber dinner, at which they conducted a raffle. I offered to supply a $49 retail value, custom-laser-engraved bamboo cutting board to one of the raffle winners. This board is the piece I created for a co-chamber member who represented Waste Management NW. He created this custom design, which I burned onto a 17″W x 12″H bamboo cutting board using our commercial laser-engraving machine. I can customize any wooden cutting board with nearly any image and/or lettering combination. He is happy with the …

Severus Snape

Severus Snape Portrait

Snape is my favorite character from the Harry Potter series. I guess I must have a soft place in my heart for the supposed “villian”…at least in some stories. Throughout almost the entire Harry Potter saga we are led to believe that Severus is someone to be feared. That he is a “bad guy” and out to get Harry and his friends. But in the end we discover that he is really the ultimate good guy. I wanted to find an image of his character that really depicted his depth and intensity of emotion. I hope those things are reflected …

Harry Potter - Finished

Harry Potter Portrait

UPDATED: 3/20/2019 – I’ve added the finished piece. Of course, as an artist I’m never really sure when a work is really DONE. You can always add a little more shading here…a little more smoothing there. I’m sure I’ll probably continue to made subtle changes. But he is essentially done now and hanging on my office wall… Can you guess which character is NEXT in my series??? — I’ve been having a yearning to play with some fun burning…just for myself! And since I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan I decided to do a portrait of him. This shows the …

Brad Pitt - Duo

Playing with the Laser Engraver

They said it was just like using a printer. And it kind of is… A REALLY COMPLICATED PRINTER ON STEROIDS! A printer with lots of diverse settings that have to be adjusted for power and speed and resolution and dithering effect, and, and, and… Not just that…those things (and more) have to be re-calibrated for each different type of material you are “printing” onto. For example; the settings you might use to achieve the perfect depth of burn of a logo on birch might be entirely different from the settings you would choose for that same image on say, walnut …

Sunshineboy- 2000

Pyrography: My Off-Grid Hobby

WOOD BURNING STARTED AS AN OFF-GRID HOBBY FOR ME Teaching myself pyrography was a great way to pass my off-grid time. The year was 1999, and we had just relocated from our 20 acres on Central Oregon’s High Desert, where we had been living an off-grid lifestyle for about 6-months. We moved to a 160-acre abandoned ranch known to locals as “the compound.” It consisted of a small, white, ranch-style house with several other outbuildings and a 2-story red barn located in the middle of what used to be a working alfalfa farm. Stories of our off-grid lifestyle experiences during …

Finished Girlfriend Gun

Girlfriend Gun

It was the first week of December 2017 when Ben contacted me wanting a custom burned rifle stock for his girlfriend…in time for Christmas! I had never worked on gun stocks before…but I was excited by the challenge! I told him that as long as he could deliver it to me with all of the finish removed and sanded down smooth before I got started I thought I could get it done for him in time. And I did! I worked with him to find just the right image to hand burn onto the one side. A mama bear with …

Elle and Geoff

Cedar Plank Wedding Guest Registry

This is a really cool idea! I was contacted a few days ago by a local Portland dad who was looking for a pyrographer who could burn the first names and year of his son and daughter-in-law-to-be’s wedding with a little leaf-work around the edges onto a large (36.5″L x 17.5W x 2″H), natural-edge cedar plank they had purchased. And what are the groom and bride-to-be going to do with this plank? They plan to use it as a Guest Book, of sorts, for their wedding attendees to sign in Sharpie! Isn’t that an AWESOME idea? I’d never heard of …