Mary's Mini - Day 8 - My Experience

The Starch Solution vs. Mary’s Mini

I’ve been following the 10-Day Mary’s Mini version of Dr. John McDougall’s The Starch Solution weight-loss plan, and today is Day 8. These are my thoughts and experience so far. I talk, in detail, about the differences between the two plans and why I’m choosing to try the Mary’s Mini version instead of the basic plan.

Basically, for either plan you make starch the center of every meal you eat. The biggest difference is that on the basic plan, you can mix up a variety of starches without restriction. However, if you aren’t having weight-loss success, Mrs. McDougall, Mary, developed a scaled-back version where you choose just one starch and make that your primary food for the duration of the 10-day program. For my starch I chose potatoes. And surprisingly, I didn’t get tired of them, at all, over the full 10 days. I found a variety of ways to eat them to keep things interesting, and I supplemented with other non-starchy vegetables and some fruits.

In the video I share why I think I don’t normally lose weight following The Starch Solution, and how I’ve changed my mindset for weight-loss expectations.

Also touched on in this video are my thoughts on keto vs low-fat, plant-based diets, and their implications for longevity based on archaeological evidence, and why I feel that diet isn’t religion and each person must choose for themselves, what to eat. This decision must be based on their own personal experience with how different foods make them feel, and the results achieved when they follow different diets and lifestyle programs.

Have you ever tried The Starch Solution or Mary’s Mini? I’d love to hear about your experience. Is it just me who has a challenge losing weight eating mainly starches? Let me know your own thoughts and experiences below.

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