Markus Rothkranz – One of My Inspirations

Markus Rothkranz - Before and after Raw Foods

Markus Was One of My Early Raw Food Heroes.

Back in 2007 I began a journey in search of the optimal diet for healing and disease prevention. That search led me to a mostly raw food diet.

I’ve written a lot about that experience over the years. You can read my personal story HERE.

But to summarize, I was was convinced that eating a mostly raw, whole-foods, plant-based diet was the answer to human nutrition and disease prevention. As a result, I decided to launch an online magazine devoted to spreading the word about this lifestyle.

I purchased a domain name: EIGHTY PERCENT RAW dot com, and proceeded to recruit a team of more than 25 monthly contributors. Most of these writers were professional raw food chefs who developed their own raw recipes. But there were also health coaches with years of experience advising clients, and other healthcare providers.

Some of Our Raw Chef Contributors


HEATHER PACE of Sweetly Raw

ADAM GRAHAM of The Live Food Experience

CHRISTY MORGAN of The Blissful & Fit Chef

MATT AMSDEN – of Rawvolution

ANI PHYO of Ani Phyo


MIMI KIRK of Young On Raw Food

SUNNY GRIFFIN – founder of Astara Skincare

KAREN RANZI of Super Healthy Children

DR. LINDA JOY ROSE of Natural Wellness Academy

I published the online magazine for about 4 years. Unfortunately, the server where I hosted the magazine was hacked a couple of years ago, so most of the content, sadly, was lost. But you can still visit EIGHTY PERCENT RAW for a taste of what it once was. Thankfully, I cross-posted some of the articles on my personal blog, back-in-the-day, and I am currently beginning to resurrect that site.

But Markus Rothkranz was one of my early influencers, when it came to learning about all of the health benefits that come from following a high living food diet.

I don’t remember how I discovered Markus

If memory serves, I seem to recall learning about him before I even launched the magazine. I started following a raw-foods diet after my younger cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That was before YouTube was even a thing. Even before Facebook. But I had a MySpace account and was active on that site. That’s where I was first introduced to the concept of eating only raw foods. I didn’t find Markus on MySpace…but I remember finding out about him shortly after that. I started following the diet myself, and sought out others in the raw-foods online community. Alyssa Cohen had an active forum where I started to interact.

But one thing led to another and somehow I found out about Markus. And I was astonished by the results he achieved following a living foods approach. And all of his other audacious accomplishments blew my mind! Not only did he heal his own body of the serious illness and disease he experienced in his early life, he is a shining example of the vibrant health possible in your late 50’s. On top of all of his health work, he is also an accomplished artist, director, and entrepreneur.
From his website

“Following on from a successful Hollywood career working as a director, special visual effects artist, designer and writer, he has now crafted out a prominent career working as a product developer and sought-after speaker and visionary at natural health events and conferences.”

For Markus, his goal is to show just how sexy and enriching life can be when living on a diet of raw food, passionate love, true health and healing energy.

His knowledge of health and healing with foods astonished me

I had never known of anyone as driven and hungry for knowledge as Markus appeared to be. And the really impressive part, for me, was the fact that he made all of this information available FOR FREE or Super Affordably! Imagine being able to heal most disease and illness just by changing the way you eat! It was a revolutionary concept to me!

That said, I’m extremely thankful to Markus for the huge library of information and other resources he offers humanity. He’s an amazing example of someone who has made a lot of progress toward Self Actualization, which is something I aspire to, personally. Not only did he heal his own diseases and looks incredible for being nearly 60

If you haven’t been introduced to Markus, I recommend you start by getting his book HEAL YOURSELF 101, which is an incredible resource for achieving optimal health and wellness.

Then be sure to go subscribe to his YouTube channel for a vast library of incredible, useful, life-changing information.

Your life will be forever changed…for the better!


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