Rustic Plaque for Mountain Cabin

McLeod Mountain Cabin Plaque

I was recently contacted by a gentleman from Wilsonville, OR who wanted a hand-burned, rustic plaque as a gift for his dear friend to hang on the wall in his mountain cabin.

He wasn’t sure what font he wanted or whether to include any graphics or not, but he definitely knew he wanted his friend’s last name and the latitude and longitude coordinates for the cabin.

With that information and knowing he was going for a rustic, mountain-cabin feel, I suggested he might like a plaque with an unfinished bark edge in his choice of shape (rectangle, oval). He loved that idea and decided to go with the oval shape.

Upon further discussion we decided it might be nice to add a pine tree or two for graphical interest. So, I did some searching and offered him a selection of different tree styles. He preferred the one portrayed on the finished plaque and thought it might look nice to have one on either side of his text.

This is a typical example of the process I go through with each individual client. That’s something I really LOVE about hand-burning pyrography pieces. Each one is custom-made and a compilation of the client’s initial vision my own artistic abilities. The outcome is always a JOY for me! Walking through each step of the process…making sure the client is pleased all along the way.

This plaque may seem kind of simple…but it was crafted with great care and attention to detail. It is a one-of-a-kind gift and I’m excited to hear how my client’s friend reacts when he receives it this coming Christmas!

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