If Everyone Looked The Same

If Everyone Looked The Same

by Lori Nebo

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone looked the same? At eleven years old, Ethan is tired of being bullied by a group of kids at school. Ethan makes a wish and thinks the world would be a better place, if everyone looked the same. Maybe then, he could finally fit in with the cool kids at school. See what the world is like when Ethan goes on a journey, through the forces of nature, into the Land of WELTS; Where Everyone Looks The Same!

The author is also a talented vocalist who has produced an awesome and catchy song based on the concepts she shares in this story. Visit her YouTube Channel to have a listen. And be sure to LIKE and Subscribe, then SHARE the song and book to spread Lori’s positive and upbeat message with everyone you know!


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