My Mommy Is An Author

My Mommy Is An Author

(Career Sparks)

by Kelle Lima

Imagine what a wonderful thing it is to be a kid figuring out what they will become after they grow up!

In this hilarious book, Dona tells you what she thinks an author career means. She examines the actions of her mommy, who is an author-illustrator, and enters a new world full of wonders. Laugh, learn, and play today!

So if your child says, “I want to be a kid author,” “I want to write a book,” or “I want to be a writer when I grow up,” this wildly imaginative picture book is the perfect gift for them. Girls and boys ages 4-8 can tighten their belts, start the giggles, and learn about this real-life job. The book also works on girl power (you can be anything regardless of your gender!), and it features a diverse cast – so kids have a chance to relate.

It’s the perfect book to read aloud during career day – or even to gift an author mom on her birthday or on Mother’s Day because picture books are not only for kids!

This is the first children’s picture book in the Career Sparks Collection.


  • Main Story – Child’s Point Of View: laugh & chat
  • Author Career in a Nutshell
  • Other Author Moms & Suggested Activities
  • Things to Match This Book & Other Books


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