The Golden Telescope – Autographed Paperback


The Golden Telescope – Jack and the Magic Hat Maker: Book 1



Don’t miss this “hard to put down” (Amazon reviewer) novel with time travel, thrilling twists, and juicy secrets. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

Jack Mac Paidin just wants to survive life as an orphan long enough to get out of school and find both of his siblings. Together, he’s hopeful they can figure out why they were separated when their parents died nine years ago. But those plans are thrown into a tailspin when he touches a golden telescope that reveals his newly awakened magical powers.


When Jack finds out his conspiring aunt and uncle have been waiting for this moment ever since that fatal car wreck.

Jack is shocked to learn he comes from a long line of sorcerers who want to use his abilities to achieve their evil purposes. Then a mysterious butler materializes, telling Jack about his magical-hat-making grandfather, who Jack has never even heard of, and sharing clues about Jack’s incredible birthright. He learns that his older brother, Ethan, has been duped into joining an evil cabal and that his grandmother is lost in time.

The butler transports Jack to his ancestral home, Mac Paidin Manor, in Dublin, Ireland, using a magical hat. There, Jack tells him about the cryptic messages he receives from a beautiful mystery woman through the golden telescope. She warned him he was in danger and begged him to help her escape.


Jack’s older brother is supposed to inherit the Mac Paidin lands and titles. Their conspiring aunts have convinced him that Jack is being groomed to take his place. Caught in a world of jealousy, greed, and hunger for power, Jack is thrust into a frightening mystery that only he can solve.

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