Carnivore Diet Weight Loss – Down 4 Pounds in One Day

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True story. This morning when I weighed myself…as I do every morning…the scale reported I was down fully FOUR POUNDS from what I weighed yesterday morning.

How is that possible??

Yes, I decided to give the carnivore diet another try. Because…because…I’m finding that even limiting my carb consumption to low-carb vegetables and virtually no fruit (do avocados, olives, and tomatoes REALLY count as fruit?) I STILL have digestive distress for hours following meals.

I know for a fact it’s the broccoli. Ugh.

But salad with loads of raw veggies also causes me enormous discomfort.

So yesterday, I decided to go (mostly) all in and not eat any plant foods at all.

Except for my three non-negotiables;

Coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine.

And I figured I’d mostly skip the dairy, too, since I know I have a slight intolerance to lactose. Nothing too terrible. I seem to be able to get away with consuming butter, a little heavy cream, and some high-fat hard cheeses. But as soon as I eat anything softer…like Greek yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc. I get clogged up. It becomes more difficult to swallow, I get nasal congestion and a drippy nose, and I’m constantly clearing my throat. So, I know that I’m better off not eating dairy products.

At least that’s true for cow’s milk dairy. I haven’t really tested whether I have the same reaction to goat’s milk products. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, IS something I want to test out. Goat milk is supposed to be easier for humans to tolerate because it’s lower in protein than cow’s milk. According to

”Goat milk has a higher proportion of medium-chain fatty acids such as caproic and caprylic, which contributes to the characteristic tart flavor of the cheese. It also makes goat milk and cheeses more easily digestible. Goat milk and, therefore, cheeses contain anti-inflammatory enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, proteins, and lipids and help maintain a healthy metabolism. These fatty acids take their name from the Latin for “goat”: Capra. It is also high in calcium, vitamins A and K, phosphorus, thiamin, and niacin.”

So, that might be worth a try. However, I’m not attracted to goat’s milk itself. But I have only tried feta cheese, and I know other types of goat milk cheeses are available.

Hmmm…something to think about if following a carnivore diet.

But I digress, lol!

So, What Did I Eat On My Carnivore Diet Yesterday?

I started my day with a mugful of Jeff’s home-roasted black coffee (caffeinated.) Then I followed with another mugful of brewed decaf…but I added a little heavy cream to it.

Then, when I was hungry and ready for food, I ate two pan-fried beef patties and two large eggs.

That satisfied me until the afternoon when I had a can of tuna packed in water. I added EVOO (oops! another plant food…) and pink Himalayan sea salt. Just ate it straight out of the can. That tied me over until dinner time.

For my evening meal, I had almost half a baked chicken that I’d baked the day before. I seasoned the skin of the bird (before baking it) with pink salt, garlic powder (I was out of my typical onion powder), and fresh-ground black pepper.) Then I started by reheating just the dark meat (leg, thigh, wing) and skin from half of the chicken. Made sure to top it with plenty of pan juices and fat and let that melt into the meat.

Along with that, I sipped a glass of Merlot. I forgot to mention that I’d sipped on a quart of ice water with a little ACV (apple cider vinegar – with the mother) while I was working on a pyrography project before dinner. Yet another plant-derived food I continue to allow.) When I was finished with my dinner of re-heated dark-meat chicken, I nibbled four squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate (twice as much as I normally consume. WIN!)

But a little later in the evening, I was still hungry, so I decided to go ahead and have most of the white meat breast from the chicken. Again, reheated with lots of pan juices and fat and pink salt. Yum!

And that was it. I was full and satisfied.

I slept GREAT! And woke up to the awesome surprise of weighing FOUR POUNDS LESS than I did yesterday morning.

Needless to say, I’m going to eat a carnivore diet again today. Not exactly the same as I ate yesterday. But darn close.

I’ll keep you posted!

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