by Tammy White

Inspired by true events, Generations follows a working-class African-American family, ‘The Roberts’, based in Philadelphia, PA, from 1946 to 1974. It centers around the main character, Emma.

This narrative, part one of a two-part story, takes you on an emotional roller coaster. As Emma tries to make sense of the family’s dynamics, she often finds herself the outcast.

The story deals with sorrow, happiness, triumphs, racism, alcoholism, substance abuse, wealth, and how to raise a family with togetherness through adversity. Bear witness to Emma’s trials and tribulations as she deals with a tumultuous relationship with her mother and older sister, Bell, while striving to carve out a family of her own.

Incredible read – I absolutely love this book. I haven’t read a dramatic novel like this in quite a while. A real page turner with great characters and a magnificent story line. This is a great story and a must read. This is her first novel, a two part story and I can’t wait for the second installment!!!! Hats off to Tammy White. ~Angela Christina


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