My Sojourn in Paradise

My Sojourn in Paradise

A Memoir

by Patsy Thompson

“My Sojourn in Paradise: A Memoir is Patsy Thompson’s story of growing up on the island of Jamaica and being guided by a power greater than herself.

Painting evocative pictures of the island with her words, Thompson draws the reader into an inner circle that is a slice-of-life slide show about growing up in Jamaica in the 1960s and 1970s. Set against a backdrop of current events, island life comes alive, from school, church, and extended family to influential mentors, marriage, children, and a series of successful businesses.

Woven throughout this life story is the abiding presence of God and angels guiding and protecting her. Thompson learns to listen to God’s voice, leading her not only to safety from danger but to success in several remarkable business ventures as varied as a chain of medical laboratories, beekeeping, a prestigious local academy, and jewelry making.

Her story is peppered with meaningful Bible quotes that support important events in her life and impress upon the reader that reliance on higher powers can indeed sustain one.

Although her life has its share of heartbreak, Thompson perseveres through faith and intuition. Sojourn draws you into her story in a way that will leave you admiring her pluck and contemplating how to bring her mastery of faith into your own life.” – Barbara Lauger


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