Five of Swords

CARD OF THE DAY – Saturday, Aug. 12th, 2023

Five of SwordsFIVE OF SWORDS

KEYWORDS: defeat, loss, failure, anxiety, greed, shameless opportunist, discord, infamy, self-defeat, arguments, irritability, feeling attacked


Watch out for the need to win or be right today. Though “winning” may be gratifying at the moment, your ego-based stubbornness will get in your own way eventually. It’s OK to say, “Actually, you’re right,” or “I need your help.” It’s not a sign of incompetency or weakness; it’s a sign of growth.

When the Five of Swords appears, it is time to ask yourself if what you are fighting for is worth it.

You may be able to “win” now, but at what cost?

You may say words you can never take back in an argument with a loved one. You may be clinging tightly to an idea that is not that important in your life’s big picture, hurting others in the process. You may be remaining in an unhealthy situation in order to prove that you are right, for example, staying in an abusive relationship because you don’t want others to say, “I told you so.” The Five of Swords is telling you that “winning” may not be the most important thing right now.

Sometimes, it may become necessary to hurt others through your words or actions to be true to yourself. Is now one of those times, or are you just trying to win for the sake of winning?

This card can indicate that you have been repeating patterns that you know are dysfunctional and do not align with your ideal self. It is not a weakness to admit that you want to change; recognizing our faults is a huge strength.

ADVICE: Work on boundary issues


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