The Man Who Feels Like Home

The Man Who Feels Like Home

by Roxana M. Rotaru

Every relationship is like a shelter.
But not every relationship is meant to be a home.

Allie has always thought that when you find “the one”, everything in life will fall into place. That love will always find a way in the end. But soon, she realizes that loving someone isn’t enough to make a relationship succeed. And, sometimes, loving someone too much can ignite a relationship as quickly as it could extinguish one.

Her self-discovery journey began with her first crush in high school and continues today with the man she calls her home.

Allie’s breaking point comes when she body slams her ex-boyfriend’s date at a wedding, which goes viral on TikTok. Ultimately, she weaves through a series of romances, stoking every emotion and doubt, leaving her convinced she is broken and afraid to commit to anyone.

Until now. This might be the one.


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