Dr. King Goes to India

Dr. King Goes to India - A Cool Kids Guide

A Cool Kids Guide

by Cara Reese

In this vibrant and lyrical text, the little-known story of Dr. King’s exhilarating and life-changing journey to India is finally told! Inspired by Gandhi’s nonviolent philosophy, Martin and his wife, Coretta, jet-set across the globe to the wondrous land of India. Traveling by planes, trains, and boats, their colorful month-long adventure would change them forever! This compassionate and deeply touching story is a testament to the power of Gandhi’s and King’s nonviolent philosophy to connect people across continents for a common goal: justice.

About the Author

Cara Reese has roots in St. Louis, Chicago, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. She received her B.A. in Humanities and her M.A. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. A third-generation educator who’s endlessly inspired by the power of historical picture books, she studied children’s literature at Columbia University. Cara lives in Atlanta and remains perpetually in awe of the city’s rich history. When the stars are perfectly aligned, she enjoys globe-trekking with her family, staring for hours at the ocean, or aspiring to make the perfect kale chip. Black Artists Rock! A Cool Kids’ Guide A-Z is Cara Reese’s first book.

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