Perfection Without Trying

Perfection Without Trying

Return to Yourself

by Victor Christian

Perfection without trying…To all the young girls who are thinking about wearing makeup to cover up that already beautiful face. A face that most women would like to have again. The face you were born with, that only water and kisses from your mother should touch. Stand strong, set the trend, and be yourself forever…the real you.

…And for the women who want to return to themselves, it’s a simple process and may be challenging at first, so you too stand strong and take the first step of recovery… stop wearing makeup! You will not regret it. Reward yourself, it will be the best thing mentally and physically. The weight you carry will become lighter and the stress will melt away. Have the courage to live your life as the real you for the rest of your life. Return to yourself…

Striving for natural beauty!! “Perfection Without Trying, Return To Yourself” really caught my attention! I have never been a make-up kind of girl but now as I’ve aged, I’m so glad my morning routine is almost nothing. I cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize my skin regularly. I wear a moisturizing sunscreen daily. But I do need to drink more water! My daughter and granddaughters are natural beauties and I couldn’t be more proud! Be all that you can be….naturally! All of this is very well explained, and justified, in this easy to read book by Mr Christian. I highly recommend it!!” ~Debby Douglas


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