Infinite Stranger

Infinite Stranger

by Wendy Skorupski

A mother’s lost love. A daughter’s forbidden desire. A tale of obsession inspired by true events.

“A beautiful, complex, tender story about a mother and a daughter, about love, living, and the choices we have to make when it comes to matters of the heart. I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy an immersive read. It’s a fascinating, moving, heart-breaking and ultimately uplifting story.” – review by bestselling author Louise Douglas

On a snowy February morning in 1978, eighteen-year-old Leah Cavanagh meets Brother Matthew Haddon while on a retreat with her Catholic girls’ school. The four days she spends at Greystones Abbey in the wilds of North Yorkshire will have a profound impact not only on her own life but also on that of her single mother Molly, who never recovered from the murder of her fiancé in 1956.

Leah and Matthew start writing to each other. Soon a tentative friendship develops, with a hint of more. The longing that Leah feels is shared vicariously by Molly, who sees something of her late fiancé in a photograph that Leah shows her of the handsome young monk. When Leah leaves home to study at music college, her feelings for Matthew deepen and she has difficulty committing to other relationships.

Over the coming years, Leah keeps returning to Greystones Abbey, spurred by her infatuation for Matthew. The forbidden desire between them grows in intensity with each visit, until it seems impossible that the monk’s vows of chastity will remain unbroken. Soon Leah finds herself unable to break free – neither from her controlling mother, nor her enigmatic yet tortured monk – and realizes that choices will have to be made.

Infinite Stranger - Winter Themed


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