Escape From Briaras

Escape From Briaras

Jakeer’s Dilemma Book 1

by Joshua Fuller

After obtaining a mysterious item for his guild, Jakeer Daulton has become a wanted man… or boy, to be more accurate. A failed escape from his pursuers leads to his incarceration within the inescapable Briaras–the legendary prison famous for housing the most notorious criminals on earth. His only allies? A mostly unhelpful voice in his head and a few infamous cellmates he has somehow befriended… for now.

Escape From Briaras is the first installment of Jakeer’s Dilemma. It is also the author’s first attempt at a novel. He hopes you enjoy reading this book and looks forward to your helpful critique. If you would like to connect on Twitter he can be reached at @JoshEFuller!


Joshua Fuller
ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Joshua Fuller was raised in a small town in Alabama near the Gulf of Mexico. Now a California resident, he spends his free time exploring the West Coast, solving interesting problems for startup companies, and reading mostly bad fantasy novels. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication as well as an MBA, both from the University of Alabama.

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