Paranormal In The Funhouse – Season 4

Paranormal in the Funhouse Promo

EP1 – The Garrett Jacobs Mansion

Produced by Brandon Crotti

“Nominees For Best Ghost Hunting Series Of 2020″Paranormal In The Funhouse returns for season 4 after a 4-year hiatus from working with several TV networks.

Tonight’s Season Premiere explores the 1853 Garrett Jacobs Mansion in Mount Vernon, Baltimore Maryland. This 40,000 square foot mansion has 40 rooms, 100 Tiffany stained glass windows, 16 fireplaces, a grand ballroom, and an elegant dining room where socialite Mary Frick Garrett Jacobs entertained guests alongside her two husbands, Robert Garrett and Dr. Henry Barton Jacobs. What paranormal encounters will we discover in this spine-tingling season 4 premiere?

Cast at the Mansion

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Audio Voiceover: Jose M Renteria

Music Producer: Ghosthack

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