Beyond The Facade

Beyond The Facade

In the corridors of Riverview Psychiatrist Hospital, secrets echo louder than screams.

by Kevin Nguyen

What’s newsworthy? One that people desire to read or need to hear?

Amy Johnson is a rookie journalist at a news agency specializing in scandals and gossip. After being placed on the list of prospective layoffs, she risked everything to investigate an obscure crime case that could save her job.

Trails of evidence led her to Riverview Psychiatrist Hospital, where she met a long-term patient who knew crucial information about the case. But time is running out. After discovering a previously undisclosed death, she must decide whether to capitalize on the finding to save her dream job or damage the careers of those involved.

Are you ready to uncover the chilling reality hidden within its walls?

Join Amy on her quest for truth as she navigates the treacherous labyrinth of Riverview Psychiatrist Hospital. Get your copy today and discover the secrets that could make or break careers.

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