The Fancy Flamingo

The Fancy Flamingo

by Maygon Lucart

“The Fancy Flamingo” is a book about a flamingo who enjoys being different from her friends and is encouraged to embrace who she is by learning that it’s okay to stand out and be herself! 

Maygon Lucart

Hi everyone! My name is Maygon Lucart and I am the author of “The Fancy Flamingo.” I was born and raised in Texas but have always had a love for tropical destinations and the tall, beautiful, pink bird, the flamingo. Fashion has also always been a passion of mine and so I combined the two and this fancy illustration came to life. I have always been one to not follow the crowd, so when I contemplated what I wanted this character to be, I knew she had to be unique and stand out. Overall, I wanted the underlying message to be about being true to yourself and following God’s design for your life, so I hope this book encourages you to do just that! After all, you can never be too fancy!


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