Thoughts On Burning The Flag

Thoughts On Burning The FlagMy first husband was a soldier in the United States Army for the first 10 years of our marriage. After that he left active duty and went reserve status for another 10, for a total “time in service” of 20 years.

Initially, he was a medic, then an LPN after his college training, to each unit he was assigned to, wherever we were stationed.

I was 18 years old, and he was 19 when he enlisted. He left for basic training just 3 days after our first child was born and he was gone for nearly four months. It was a sacrifice to be essentially a single-mother during the time he was away in boot camp and then his Advanced Individualized Traing (AIT). But I knew it was necessary and that he was serving our country.

After basic training and AIT we left our home and family in Utah and moved to Ft. Lewis, Washington, where we lived on a Private’s pay, barely making ends meet, for eighteen months, at which time he received an overseas assignment to Germany. He was gone for 8 months before he secured approval for our son and me to accompany him (it’s mandatory for soldiers to live on post, in the barracks, until they reach at least the rank of Specialist (E4) and spouses aren’t allowed to live in the barracks. So, once again, I was a single mom for the better part of a year.

After we joined him, we lived in Germany for 4 years. And I loved it there. Though, back in those days (1981 – 1985) there was no internet and cell phones hadn’t been invented yet, so long-distance phone calls to the states were extremely expensive. I very rarely got to call my mother…once a month, if that. And when I did, it cost over $100 per call…which put a real strain on our low-ranking budget. The entire time we were in Germany the troops would spend 45 days at a time “in the field”, almost every other month. What that means is that my then-husband was more than 100 miles away, without access to phone, and we had zero contact during the extended time he was training for the possibility of military engagement.

Another real concern while we were in Germany was the regular bomb threats received by American soldiers and their families who were stationed in that country. These attacks were making national news in the USA before I ever left to join him, so my mother was, justifiably, worried about our safety going to live in that country. As US military personnel and their dependents, we were required to follow a daily procedure of putting a different color of tape across all openings on our vehicles each night before bed and then checking all the doors in the morning before getting in to make sure nothing had been tampered with during the night…to ensure our safety. There were those who didn’t take this step and their car exploded with them inside. So, we took this precautionary action very seriously. Many times there would be local demonstrations in various communities outside of US military Post Exchanges (department stores) and Commissaries (grocery stores) where the locals would pour red paint all over their bodies and lay down in the streets, blocking traffic. A clear statement of their opinion about our presence in their country…(even though we were there by request of their government in order to help secure their borders).

Overall, most Germans were very friendly to us and I loved our time living there.

But there were certainly sacrifices made as a part of serving in the military.

Our second son was born while we were stationed in Deutchland and I came back 8 months pregnant with our daughter, who is our youngest child.

Once we returned to the USA we were, again, stationed in states far from our home and family. But we knew going into it that this would be the case.

After my then-husband left active duty and was serving in the US Army Reserves we relocated back to our home state of Utah. But in 1990 he was yet again called to active duty when the war with Kuwait broke out. His unit was deployed to southern Germany, to fill in for active duty personnel there, who were sent to serve in the middle east during Desert Storm.

And once more, I was a single mother.

But this time our kids were approximately ages 12, 8, and 6. And even now, all these years later, they acutely remember the day we hung a big Welcome Home sign on the fence in our front yard and tied yellow ribbons all around the house before going to meet their father when he, and the rest of his unit, returned home from that war.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I suspect most “average Americans” have no idea what it means to truly sacrifice and serve their country. To spend days, weeks, months, and years away from home and family, to place yourself in harm’s way 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year, in order to preserve the freedoms those same Americans enjoy, without thought or consideration, every day of their lives.

So, after participating in that system, first-hand, for so many years of my life, it really annoys me to see people who have never given up anything, never truly dedicated themselves to something of significance, literally taking for granted not only the freedoms fought and paid for with blood, sweat, and tears of our brave men and women in arms…but all too happy to suck the system dry seeking federal funding for college, food stamps, financial benefit, and more.

And then they go so far as to trample on the flag…burn the very symbol of that sacrifice and freedom by which they receive so much benefit?

Yes, I absolutely believe in the First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. It is one of the core freedoms and privileges our military personnel fight to ensure. So, yes, unlike many other countries where that freedom is not guaranteed and there are strict prohibitions against such public displays of anti-nationalism, I’m grateful for the fact that, as Americans, we can openly express our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and even disapproval of government.

But I find it deeply disturbing and absolutely distasteful and reprehensible that there are citizens of this great country who enjoy the freedoms afforded that citizenship, yet who so blatantly devalue the sacrifices made by the few in order to maintain those benefits of the many.

And that, to me, is exactly what those who burn our flag are doing.

I find it shameful.

Sock Panda – Toes On A Mission For Good

Sock Panda Kids SocksWho doesn’t love socks? We all wear them! From babies to children to teens, and adults. Socks seem to be a constant in our lives.

And they are consumable, too! What? Who thinks of socks as a consumable product? Well, ok, dryers do seem to eat them, but other than that, they’re just another piece of clothing, right? But we go through them and need new ones more often than most other items in our wardrobe.

It used to be that socks were boring. Basic white and black. Oh, and maybe the sports (gym or “tube” socks, we used to call them) kind would have a solid color stripe on them. But that was about it. If you were really fashion-forward you bought navy blue socks.


Then argyle came into style.

For about a minute.

But men’s dress socks could have a subtle pattern to them, and that was nice. But for business. Nothing fun.

I remember when LOUD socks became popular! Toe socks! Do you remember those? Thick, knit, black knee-highs with neon pink, green, yellow, and blue individual toes and multiple matching stripes up the length of them? They weren’t very comfortable.

Well, things have changed, and for the better where footwear is concerned!

Enter SOCK PANDA and suddenly socks become COOL!

Not only are the designs fabulous and funky, but you buy them on a monthly subscription basis, so new socks show up at your door every month, and you are totally surprised by the designs that arrive!

You can choose how many pair per month, can stop at any time, AND (this is the really awesome part!) Sock Panda will DONATE a free pair of socks to people in need with each new sock subscription!

The Sock Panda’s creations are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and will make you look good at work or at play!  Sock Panda partnered with Indutexa S.A., the top sock manufacturer in Lima, Peru. They picked Indutexa because it’s a family run business that treats it’s workers well and use high quality materials. Indutexa also makes socks for big names like Adidas, Reebok, and Fila. The Sock Panda team is dedicated to using it’s socks to make the world a better place, and that’s something I can stand behind. (Yes, I’m a Sock Panda affiliate and I will earn a small commission for sending you their way. But I’m really happy to encourage you to support such an awesome company and concept. And the small amount I make helps to support my efforts in bringing you these great ideas! And I really appreciate you for that!) As of October 2015 the company had donated almost 50,000 socks to homeless shelters, low income senior centers, and under-privileged classrooms all across the USA. And they hope to 100,000 pairs this year.

Click on any of the images below to visit their website and check out A LOT MORE really fabulous designs! Think about what an awesome gift this sock subscription would be for your kids, your spouse or loved one, or especially for your kids! What a great “feel good” opportunity! Not only do they get an amazing, fun, and useful gift! But their gift also gives to someone else who really NEEDS a yummy, delicious pair of brand new socks!







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Beer Dude Attitude

Beer DudeBeer Dude Attitude

Ok, so I logged onto Facebook today intending to post some uplifting Sunday-esque graphic or message. But a quick scroll through my feed brought me (glaringly) to this image…posted by someone in my friend’s list. This friend is a woman and her post associated with this picture said this: “Truth. (I should be more of a feminist, but I’m not.) open your mans beer when you bring it to him. He shouldn’t need to ask you to bring him one, you notice it’s empty, just fetch it.”
Now, seriously? I’m mind boggled. Ok, sadly…I’m not really. Having dealt with so many different people from a spiritual-coaching perspective I must say that I’m not altogether surprised. But it DOES make me sad to see a woman actually promoting this kind of attitude in her partner.
So many people and relationships are broken…
Here was my response to the image on her feed: “This is just wrong on so many levels. Key phrase here? “It better be…” Speaks to his attitude of expectation rather than partnership, equality, and appreciation. Clearly, this is a contrived graphic designed to elicit an emotional response (which it has done…a quick look at the comments proves that it was effective) and not (necessarily) representative of the actual guy in the photo. But still…this kind of Beer Dude attitude & relationship are certainly still out there (unfortunately.) He probably beats her, too, if she doesn’t “behave” according to his wishes and dictates. Ugh!”
What are YOUR thoughts?
#BeerDude #chauvinism #Equality #WomensIssues #HealthyRelationships 


Paua Full

Paua Full RingThis is a powerful ring! The style is unisex…so could be worn by either a woman or a man. But it is not for the timid! This ring speaks self-confidence and respect. The style echoes back to ancient times and reminds us of something a king or queen or other noble would wear. Yet, the materials are also very contemporary.

Forged from heavy annealed steel base wire then wrapped in woven annealed steel, the shank is shaped to encompass the beautiful blue, silver, black, and teal opalescent Paua Shell that serves as the central focal point of the ring.

Fabulous either dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up for an evening out on the town.

This one is truly a one-of-a-kind creation!

Comfortable size 7.5 but is adjustable to suit your hand.


Feeling Fresh

Feeling FreshThis elegant fresh water pearl and brass ring is gorgeous in it’s simplicity. The pearl is larger than most fresh water pearls…approximately 1/2″ long by 1/3″ wide! Lovingly wrapped in the warm glow of a light gauge brass wire. This ring is something special. Wonderful for Spring or any time of the year!

Size 6


Bold Bangles

Bold BanglesSet of 3 hand-forged and hammered bangle bracelets. Wear them together or individually and make a bold fashion statement! Perfect accessory to wear with that casual jeans and t-shirt outfit or dress them up with a little black dress! These are totally fashion appropriate, no matter what you are wearing!

All three are heavy gauge wire; 2 copper (1 antiqued) and 1 brass.

Sold as a set.