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Tracy’s Autographed 3-Book Bundle


Tracy’s Autographed 3-Book Bundle

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Tracy’s Autographed 3-Book Bundle.

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Save $9.98 when you purchase Autographed Paperback Versions of My First Three Books in this special Tracy’s 3-Book Bundle! Only When You Purchase Directly From Me.

Autographed paperbacks are priced at $19.99 each when purchased separately and include eBook copies of each paperback purchased. However, for a Limited Time, I’m offering the first three books in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series at a DISCOUNT when you purchase them together in this bundle.

*BONUS! I’m including FREE eBook versions of each book when you purchase this Autographed Book Bundle. A retail value of $18! Now you can read the stories on your devices, too!


★★★★★The storytelling is amazing and easily draws you in and doesn’t want to let you go. ~Facebook Reader Review.


Author Tracy Partridge-Johnson makes her middle-grade debut with a fantasy adventure set in a magical world of time travel, mystery, and danger. Perfect for fans of J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Philip Pullman.

Looking down at his hands, he could see the telescope grasped in both of them, but to his surprise, those weren’t his hands he was gazing at. They were much larger than his own and older, with hair on the knuckles and a gold ring with a big, black stone displayed prominently on the ring finger of the right hand.

Jack Mac Paidin has never even thought about magic when he touches a golden telescope that reveals his newly awakened powers. Raised by his conspiring aunt and uncle, who have been waiting for this moment his entire life, Jack is shocked to learn he comes from a long line of magic workers who want to use his abilities for their own evil purposes. Then a mysterious butler named Arthur Loyal shows up using a magic traveling hat. He shares clues about Jack’s incredible birthright. From an eccentric hat-making grandfather to his duped older brother and a grandmother lost in time. Jack finds himself thrust into a mystical adventure filled with danger and surprises at every turn!


A double crossing brother. An unexpected trip to the past. Friends with magical powers.

It’s a race through time for 12-year-old Jack Mac Paidin to learn how to use his powers, escape from his evil family members, go back in time to find his grandmother, and solve the mystery of his murdered parents, all before it’s too late.

Jack’s wicked aunts have convinced his older brother, Ethan, that Jack is vying to take his rightful share of the family inheritance. All in an effort to pin Ethan against his brother and use him to capture Jack and his magic.

Will Jack be able to help his grandmother return to the present time and reunite his family? And can Lydia protect her grandchildren from the dark cabal who made them orphans and is out to harness their powers?


Millions of years before Jack Mac Paidin was born, a rift existed between the forces of good and evil, foisting one energy against the other.Each side possessed its proponents and initiates, seeking to sway all humankind to their way of thinking. Only a rare, magical anomaly, known as The Power of Three, could tip the balance.

Fast forward to 20th century Ireland, where the Mac Paidin family has held lands and influence for hundreds of years. Their magical legacy can be traced, through bloodline, to the origin of The Order of Light.

As Sir Edward Mac Paidin’s youngest child and only son, Ross (Jack’s future father) is the heir apparent to the family fortune, destined to inherit the title of Magic Hat Maker.

But Ross has other plans.

Unbeknownst to him, Inez, his older sister, is an apprentice to a powerful witch, secretly devoted to an evil organization known as The Dark Cabal. This demonic cult has seduced Inez to join them in their pursuit of world domination.

At the same time, far away in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jack’s future mother, Faith, is growing up in a world filled with strange, magical influences of its own.

How will Ross and Faith escape the bizarre world surrounding each of them to live a normal life and ultimately become parents to Ethan, Jack, and Sadie?

What evil powers invade and ultimately crush their dreams, leaving the three children orphans, subjects to the will of their manipulative extended magical family members?

If you like Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl, CLICK BUY ABOVE! You are going to love this page-turning fantasy adventure!

If you’re excited about Tracy’s 3-Book Bundle then be sure to reserve your Autographed Paperback copy of the upcoming Book Four: The Risky Reunion!

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