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Long before Jack Mac Paidin was born, a cataclysmic event shattered the fabric of time, dividing the sons and daughters of Man into two warring factions – the forces of good and evil.

Some were blessed with special gifts, skills, and abilities and became known among humans as Angels or Demons, each trying to win over the loyalty of the masses.

As these powerful entities interbred with humans, certain godlike abilities were passed down through bloodlines, giving their descendants an edge in the battle between light and darkness. Such was the heritage of the Mac Paidin family, whose members – Jack, Ethan, and Sadie – unbeknownst to them, inherited the coveted Power of Three.

But this tale is not just about magic and the supernatural. It delves into the mysteries of time travel, portals, and spells, taking readers on a thrilling ride through reality and fantasy, where the line between good and evil is blurred. As the series unfolds, this fifth installment reveals the origin of the Mac Paidin family’s powers and their significance in the battle for the fate of humanity.

Middle-grade and Young Adult readers who love epic stories with a blend of action, mystery, and the paranormal will be captivated by THE ORDER OF LIGHT. Jack and his companions’ journey promises to be unforgettable as they unravel the secrets of their past and seek vengeance against their enemies.

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