Friday, August 6th, 2021 – Interactive Tarot Card Reading

Friday - Aug. 6, 2021 Tarot Reading

Here’s your interactive tarot reading for today.

First – Close your eyes and relax. Focus on that space just above and between your eyes…your Third Eye. Inhale deeply, then exhale three times.

Second – Consider a specific question you’d like insight and guidance about.

Third – Look at each card and notice which one draws you in. Which of the three cards are you energetically attracted to relating to your specific question? Ask yourself WHY you are attracted to that card. Do the colors hold any specific meaning for you? What elements are there in that card that pull you toward it? You might want to take notes about your observations and pay special attention to how these aspects of this card apply to your specific question.

Next – Read the description of this card below.

Card One – The Devil – When we first look at this card, we might immediately feel a sense of fear and trepidation because our society has built such a predefined image and association with evil around the character of Satan and who we believe “the devil” to be. In this Ciro Marchetti rendition, though, we might experience a more beneficial perspective if we step back and observe it rationally. We see a very fit and powerful man at the center, surrounded by heat and flames. He is wearing an ornate-looking helm on his head, though we might notice that the headdress covers his eyes, blinding him to what is happening around him. We also might notice two naked people (traditionally – male and female) – dancing in the flames. We should pay attention to the location of the naked couple and the area of his body where the flames are consuming him. If your question or issue has to do with a relationship or health issue, this area of the body might be relevant – so far as sexuality or digestive issues may be concerned.

Surrounding his head, we find a richly crafted red and gold pentacle. Some may find this worrisome, but there are many interesting and benevolent meanings attributed to this ancient symbol. Keep the following in mind as you consider this card for your day:

“The pentagram has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil, a symbol of conflict that shields the wearer and the home.” (*Source:

“The pentagram is deeply rooted in history, going as far back as 3000 BCE. It has been found on artifacts from Mesopotamia, was the subject of fascination in Ancient Greece, and was used for religious practice by ancient Babylonians. It was also present in early Christianity for over 500 years, where the five points represented the five wounds of Christ, as well as the Beginning and the End ( or the Alpha and the Omega) since it could be drawn in one continuous stroke. In Judaism, the pentagram was the official seal of Jerusalem at around 300-150 BCE.” (*Source: Dual Crossroads)

Traditionally, The Devil card symbolizes the reckless pursuit of pleasure and suggests you might want to moderate your behavior and watch for obsessions.

Card Two – Five of Swords – Another dark card that carries some potentially negative energies. We see a soldier on a battlefield. Injured bodies are on the ground behind him, and a horse standing by. It appears to be dusk…coming to the end of what seems to have been a long and exhausting day. Our warrior is pictured in the forefront, with arms filled with swords. The one in his right hand he holds upright…suggesting he still has some fight left in him. But we can clearly see from the dark circles around his eyes and the thick stubble on his face that, even though he has fought well, this battle has taken a toll on him. He is worn out and ready to go home.

Traditionally, the Five of Swords suggests a victory has been achieved…but at great cost. Or perhaps a tough battle is still ahead of you…depending on the location of this card in a reading and the other cards surrounding it.

Card Three – Ace of Cups – Finally, a card filled to overflowing with blessings. There is so much to look at in the artwork on this card! So much to take in. The suit of cups traditionally signifies emotion.

Traditionally, this card represents a gift of love, grace, and inspiration.

But when we look deeper, we can observe so much more meaning!
An ornately crafted goblet of gold and silver accented with beautiful red jewels is front and center in this image. The cup sits on top of a large body of water and is filled to overflowing, almost like a fountain. Friendly-looking fish are swimming around it, but the next most significant element in the image is a single, open eye just above the goblet. Above that, we see the phases of the moon depicted in six segments. The background suggests either sunrise or sunset, with a dark sky and a sprinkling of stars above.

Depending on the placement of this card in a reading and the other cards surrounding it, as well as the question being asked, this card can have many meanings. It might imply an emotional connection or issues that transpire over the course of several months. It could suggest increased insight and spiritual guidance coming in the future. Or it might mean overflowing love, emotion, and abundance in your particular situation.

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