My New Obsession: Juliet Marillier Audio-Books

Tower of Thorns

Tower of Thorns audiobook coverI just finished listening to Book Two in Juliet Marillier’s amazing Blackthorn & Grim audiobooks series: Tower of Thorns.

Wow. Just wow.

This series is captivating. I have to admit, her writing has sucked me in, and now I am a devoted fan! Not only will I continue listening to this enthralling story, but I will go on to listen to, or read, the rest of her books.

Ms. Marillier is an incredible author, spinning tales that feature engaging, complex, yet approachable and wonderful characters. Blackthorn and Grim are so human and relatable. And the way the author develops their personalities, flaws and all, keeps you wanting more.

But there is more than character development here. Juliet creates a world that is vivid and rich in description. We feel what the players are experiencing, with sounds and smells, tastes and textures, and she includes just enough of the magical and supernatural to make the story enchanting.

This second book in the series does not at all disappoint.

Dreamer's Pool audiobook cover The two main characters stay true to the personas acted out in Book One: Dreamer’s Pool, which drew me in immediately. The writing is well-crafted, but the narration is also brilliant! I love that the story continues with the same actors reading their parts.

The books are divided into chapters defined by the character’s names, alternating (in this second book) between three primary individuals; Blackthorn, Grim, and Galaise.

True to the same style found in Dreamer’s Pool, where there were also three main characters, but in that case, the third person narrated is Prince Orin. The author has hinted in this second book that we will once again engage with, or at lease learn more of, Prince Orin’s tale, in coming episodes.

I’ve become a huge fan of audio-books. Not to the exclusion of reading books, of course, which I usually do on my Kindle Fire these days. I still love print books! But I do most of my reading in bed at night. And reading on my tablet allows me to lay next to Jeff without disturbing his sleep, like keeping a light on would do. I know, I know…I’ve heard all about the blue light messing with your circadian rhythm and all. But, for me, reading in bed is what PUTS me to sleep, lol! So, I have to do it. And I love lulling myself to sleep reading a good story in bed at night.

But audio-books serve a different purpose for me.

I listen to audio-books during the day, while I’m performing duties that don’t require a lot of thought. When I’m doing my makeup and hair in the mornings I set my phone on the countertop and immerse myself in a good story. Meal prep is much more interesting while listening to an entertaining tale. I stuff my phone in a pocket and listen when I’m out for a walk, or mowing the lawn. Audio-books are great for all those times when I would otherwise just be listening to my own random thoughts.

Den of Wolves audiobook coverAnd Juliet Marillier’s stories are at the top of my favorite to-listen list right now. You can rest assured I’ll be loading Book Three in her Blackthorn & Grim series: Den of Wolves onto my smart-phone just as soon as my Audible account reloads with my new credits. I actually love my Audible account because it’s a great value for the money! Honestly, if there is one thing in life I can always justify spending money on…it’s books. I highly recommend both the service, as well as Juliet Marillier’s fabulous Blackthorn & Grim series. Be sure to start with Book One: Dreamer’s Pool. My guess is you’ll love the story as much as I do!

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