Friday, June 18, 2021 – Interactive Tarot Card Reading

Here’s Your Interactive Tarot Reading For Today

First – Close your eyes and relax. Focus on that space just above and between your eyes…your Third Eye. Inhale deeply, then exhale three times.

Second – Consider a specific question you’d like insight and guidance about.

Third – Look at each card and notice which one draws you in. Which of the three cards are you energetically attracted to relating to your specific question? Ask yourself WHY you are attracted to that card. Do the colors hold any specific meaning for you? What elements are there in that card that pull you toward it? You might want to take notes about your observations and pay special attention to how these aspects of this card apply to your specific question.
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Next – Read the description of this card below.

Card 1 – The King of Pentacles – This card carries beneficial energy, especially where financial matters are concerned. There is likely an older male figure in your life who you respect and who carries significant influence in your life and/or with those within your circle of acquaintances. He might be a father figure, an employer, or a person in a leadership role in your work or perhaps in your community. He could also be a political representative. Or possibly a spouse…but if so, normally only if this person is older and perceived as “wiser” or more experienced than the questioner. This person is used to being taken seriously by those around him. When he speaks, people listen. The message here is to seek out, or watch for, this person in your life and pay attention to what they are saying or how they are advising you. Especially when it comes to money, or any issue impacting your material well-being, you will benefit from their advice and guidance today regarding your question.

Card 2 – The Sun – This card brings fantastic energy with it! Whatever your question is, trust that the outcome will be positive, and know that you will be very happy with how the situation turns out. The bringer of light and warmth, The Sun nurtures and reveals. It fosters growth and abundance. If your situation has been dark or your understanding clouded, rest assured that you will receive new insight or understanding today. The Sun is the lord of the solar system and influences the other planets revolving around it. How might this apply to your question today?

Card 3 – The Four of Pentacles – This card strongly suggests self-centeredness and possessiveness, especially where money and material goods are concerned. This is a wealthy man. He has clearly done well for himself financially. We can tell by his surroundings and the rich-looking clothing he is wearing. Yet, he is unwilling to share his wealth with others. There is also a sense of fear of loss going on here. And the need to protect what he has. Who is this person in your life, with regard to your question? Is this you? Your spouse? Your employer? Or another person in your life who is directly influencing your situation and question? How might you approach this situation, knowing the energies and feelings at the core of the problem?


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