The Invisible Hand: A Pareto Sisters Mystery

The Invisible Hand

by P.E. Klein

In a neighborhood plagued by unseen terror, two sisters hold the key to outwitting a dark adversary before their lives unravel.

Ever heard of Fenton Pareto? He’s only the coolest private investigator around. But when the Bay Area turns into a nightmare of disappearing jewels, tormented pets, and mysteriously glitching cellphones, even he needs some backup. Enter Charlie and Clarke Pareto, his super-smart daughters, ready to take on the mystery that’s stumping their dad.

Think you’ve got what it takes to crack the code? Then strap in for a rollercoaster ride with the Pareto sisters, as they match wits with a remote enemy who’s controlling the chaos like a puppet master. And just when you think it couldn’t get crazier, the sisters get framed for a crime they didn’t commit!

But, how are the sisters supposed to clear their names while dodging booby traps, weaponized music, and dangerous QR codes? With a hefty dose of courage, a dash of stubbornness, and a custom-made secret weapon – their razor-sharp minds.

The Invisible Hand is the first heart-stopping book in an epic trilogy, where the Pareto sisters dive headfirst into a world of secrets, danger, and shocking discoveries. Inspired by the author’s own experiences in Menlo Park, California, this story will have you flipping pages like there’s no tomorrow.

So buckle up, detective, and remember: in this game, nothing is as it seems.


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