Shifting Moon

Shifting Moon

Shifting Moon Saga, Book 1

by Hope Worthington

Seventeen-year-old Remy West is a typical high school senior. 

She is bright, popular, and a leader on her cheer squad. She is excited about the next chapter of her life, after graduation, when she’ll head off to college.

Like most popular teenage girls living in an affluent area of Long Island, NY, Remy has her insecurities. Even though she’s one of the prettier girls at Cold Spring Harbor High School, Remy has never had or wanted a serious relationship or any relationship at all. She is much more comfortable in a small, quiet group or hunkering at home with a good book than hanging in a big crowd or partying with friends. 

Aware that others think of her as cold, conceited, and a bit of a tease, in reality, Remy is driven by a quest for something deeper. She feels that a piece of her is incomplete. Even as a little girl, Remy sensed something bigger awaited her, just out of reach. 

But now, as a prominent senior with all of the peer pressure that comes along with that, it would be so much easier if she could stop caring about the meaning of life. Things would be better if she could relax and go with the flow like her friends always wanted her to. 

Such pressure was no more present than where Daniel Gatto was concerned.  

He was the tall, sexy senior guy most other girls were dying to get close to. And Daniel had been courting Remy on and off all year long. But while Remy found him attractive, something off about him made her feel apprehensive and uncomfortable.

Daniel refused to take no for an answer. Even though Remy had politely rebuffed his advances numerous times, he was persistent. This behavior made Remy question whether Daniel’s interest in her was genuine or if he had some ulterior motive.

Then, a tap on the shoulder changed Remy’s life forever. 

Logan Canino was unlike any boy she had ever met. The moment she laid eyes on him, Remy knew he was more than just the new guy at school. Though unable to put her finger on it, Remy sensed an instant connection with Logan. She could never have guessed that he had been watching over her all her life and that the connection she felt was forged years before when she was just a little girl.

Remy discovers that Logan Canino is not a boy at all

Although Logan appears as an eighteen-year-old kid, he is actually decades older. More surprising still is the fact that he’s not even human but a Canine Shapeshifter.

Remy learns that Logan is the designated future leader of the Shifter Council, a ruling body overseeing four shifter clans created in ancient Rome by the goddess Diana. And Logan’s sudden appearance in Remy’s life is no coincidence. 

Since Remy was a child, Logan knew she was his one true soulmate and the only person to help him attain his full potential and power as leader of the four clans.

However, opposing dark forces are lurking about, willing to take extreme measures to keep Remy and Logan apart. These enemies will stop at nothing to prevent the completion of their bonding ritual. 

As Logan’s relationship with Remy intensifies, Daniel, a Feline-Shifter and sworn enemy of The Canines, becomes enraged with jealousy.

Adversaries since childhood and classmates at an exclusive prep school—a front for shifter adolescents—Daniel will resort to extreme measures to keep Logan from taking his rightful place as leader of the Shifter Council.

Even if it means sacrificing Remy 

Embark on a thrilling journey through ancient Rome, Iron Age Ireland, and present-day high school drama as Remy and Logan fight for their love and their destiny. Will they overcome the odds and fulfill their ancient roles, or will dark forces tear them apart?

Shifting Moon is the first book in a brand new, young adult epic fantasy series intended for readers who love stories about shapeshifters, ancient civilizations, mythology, and paranormal fiction romance. 


Really well written and interesting!
“Shifting Moon” wasn’t the typical paranormal romance I expected—it’s full of mystery and passion. Hope Worthington’s storytelling helps portray vivid characters and an unpredictable plot that kept me hooked from the moment I started reading.

The story is set on Long Island, “Shifting Moon Saga, Book 1” follows high school cheerleader Remy West as she discovers a love far from the ordinary, when she meets the charming and mysterious Logan Canino.

The book is full of intrigue, romance, and of course some teenage drama, which really helped in grounding the story amongst the chaos and made the plot flow with ease. The writing is seamless and easy to read, which makes the book the ultimate page-turner. If you’re looking for a captivating read, this is the perfect choice. I can’t wait to read the rest of these books. ~Jeffrey A. Webber – Amazon Reviewer


Hope Worthington just published her first book, Shifting Moon, a teen paranormal romance novel. Hope conceived the idea of Shifting Moon after literally reading hundreds of adult and young adult paranormal novels. A huge Harry Potter, True Blood, Wizards First Rule, and Charmed Fan, as well as the mother of three teenage boys, Hope set out to create a unique twist on the everyday high school crush, blossoming romance, peer pressure, and the triumphs and struggles that high school student face daily. By inserting the sudden appearance of the mysterious new boy, a longstanding Shifter rivalry, Black Magic, warring ancient Clans, and the supernatural into her story, Hope has created in Shifting Moon a world within a world that soon won’t be forgotten.

Hope lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her amazing husband, three boys, three dogs, two fish, and one Russian tortoise. When not writing, Hope enjoys working out, running, and binge-watching anything new on Netflix (Riverdale is her current obsession). But what she really loves most is vegging out at the beach with a good book. If you have any good recommendations, she is open to suggestions!

Hope loves hearing from her readers and believes the most important aspect of being an author is the connection forged with those who have enjoyed her writing. Please stop by and leave a comment, write a review, make a suggestion, or just say hello. She would love to hear from you.

Hope is working on her second novel in the Shifting Moon Saga, Changing Tides, and intends to complete it by early next year.

Stay up to date with her writing progress, as well as all things Hope, at her website:

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