Passionate Whispers

Passionate Whispers

A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance – Box Set

by Serenity Raine

Dive into the intoxicating allure of the Passionate Whispers collection, where your fingers instinctively embrace the pages. Allow the words to entice you, guide you, encourage you to submerge yourself in the characters’ powerful body aura, enfolding you in every forbidden, off-limits, and instantaneous attraction. Feel the magnetic draw of desires that have lingered, intensified, vividly coming to life within these mesmerizing pages.

Vivid Dreams of My Best Friend’s Sister
Of course, he was your childhood infatuation -after all, your brother had attractive friends. The laughter and smiles shared throughout the years have now blossomed into vivid fantasies. As she senses the warmth of Ezra’s breath against her neck, the man she desires, whispers the inevitable truth, “You’re my best friend’s sister; your curves shouldn’t intoxicate me like they do, it’s time to make you mine.” Question is will he fight for her…

Bad Boy Dating Game
The dating scene is a tangled web on its own. There’s a common belief that you stumble upon someone when you least anticipate it. Oliver’s breath gently touched the back of my neck as he whispered a thrilling yet simple compliment in passing. It was so surreal, like a dream. Damn, he is a shot of tall dark, and handsome. His focus seems to be on me, with a quick glance worry fills my eyes and I can feel his protective cover come over me. A door that I need to barricade behind me and the one to secure it in front of me…

“I do” solely to, Mr. CEO, Single Dad, Captain of my Heart
On one side, there’s an enchanting, self-assured woman grappling with the echoes of her past experiences in a room alongside a man who belongs on a romance novel. Blake possesses allure, charisma, and a well-educated demeanor, clearly focused on his objective: HER. The excitement of pursuit keeps him alert, and the subdued lighting in the room encourages him to whisper his most intimate desires. Meanwhile, her hesitations have her considering jumping ship…


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