Kai, the Angel German Shepherd

Kai, the Angel German Shepherd

This book honors the United States Coast Guard by telling the story of a little German Shepherd angel dog who works with a mermaid.

During Covid, people on earth were sad and angry because they had to stay inside. To keep the disease from spreading, people could not be near others. That was because the disease was spread by breathing germs in the air.

Emma could not play with her friends. She and her parents could not go to church or to the park. Emma was most upset that she couldn’t go to school. Her mom and dad were frustrated, too, and didn’t know how to help Emma.

Travis, the Angel Airedale, was in heaven, waiting his turn to go down to earth to help someone.

 One day, Emma went to the mailbox. She returned to find a black and tan dog sitting by her front door. He wagged his tail and seemed to smile at her.

“Who are you?” asked Emma. He had a collar and tag that said, “Travis.”

“Well, Travis, you are cute, but you cannot stay. Go away, Travis – I don’t want you here. You must have a home if you have a name. Go home.”


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