Human Cure

Human Cure

by Tom Withers

Ted Ballantyne and Amy Fawcett are brilliant scientists on the cusp of finding a cure for cancer with their cutting-edge nanobot technology. They’re also divorced. Once passionately in love with each other and their work, obsession and betrayal have driven them apart. Now, neither one of them is willing to walk away from the project that they know will change the world.

Looming over Ted and Amy is their employer, the mysterious biotech giant ICBN Technologies. Breakthroughs in AI and robotics have recently created some new faces at the company. Incredibly lifelike bots now roam the halls, working alongside the scientists and blurring the lines between human and machine.

Disastrous experiments, hostile executives and their own belligerent partnership threaten to topple Ted and Amy’s research. But when Amy receives a devastating diagnosis of her own, she and Ted are pushed to find the cure, and possibly each other, before it’s too late.


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