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Indie Author Promotions and a Sneak Preview of Book Five

Indie Author Books I’ve Promoted This Month

This month has been filled with some great Indie Author Promotions! Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, Teen, Self-Help, Thriller. We’ve had some of everything this month!

April 2nd started the month off with a memoir based on a true story in A LOVE LIKE OURS by author Michelle Ferguson

It’s one of everyone’s worst nightmares. A doctor’s visit reveals that the person you love has only a limited time to live. If this happened to you, how would you spend those final years? This life-changing scenario is exactly what Michelle Ferguson faced when her husband Jerry discovered he had Stage IV Terminal Cancer. How Michelle and Jerry spent their final years together is documented in A Love Like Ours, the incredible true story by the debuting author Michelle Ferguson. It’s a heartbreaking story of the human condition and the perseverance of true love.


Next up, on the 4th, I shared THE COMIC by author by G Hingorani.

Calvin ‘The Comic’ takes us down a wildly hilarious rabbit hole into the chaotic life of a stand-up comedian. Unexpected pitfalls await as he navigates through stardom in search of identity while delivering a punchline-filled adventure that will leave you rolling in your seats.


April 5th featured a beautiful Self-Help book by mental-health professional turned author in F. Francis Jones’ Heal and Grow: Lessons Learned on My Journey as a Mental Health Professional

Life can be challenging. It often seems like we overcome one issue only to find another one waiting to greet us. With his straightforward, empathetic writing, Jones offers new perspectives on how to grow through life’s difficulties and take steps toward healing. For anyone who is trying to move forward or struggling to take the leap into therapy, Jones offers kind, approachable, and compassionate guidance.


On April 11th we delve into the world of Mystery/Thriller-Suspense with Past Sins by J. Thomas Witcher.

Retired detective Tobias “Swede” Atkins is in for a rollercoaster ride. Battling post-coma challenges, a perplexing ex-wife, and accusations of arson, his world spirals into a tangled web of suspicions and doubts. As he navigates a town on the edge of chaos, a woman’s desire to turn a restaurant into a battleground unravels a historic murder and concealed secrets fanned by the mountain’s fiery whispers. Swede discovers the past haunts the present and truth is as elusive as mountain winds.


Then another Mystery/Thriller-Suspense comes mid-month (April 15th) with Disquiet
by Georgie Reed.

Prepare yourself for a heart-racing journey with Alfie Sayers in this electrifying thriller mystery! As he navigates the highs of success and the depths of tragedy, brace yourself for a gripping tale packed with murder and terror. But there’s more than meets the eye—someone is out for revenge, playing twisted mind games that amplify Alfie’s anxiety and unleash haunting nightmares.


April 16th provides a break from all the thrilling suspense with Katz Kan!!!
A Katz Perspective
, by T. T. Daniels.

This bewitching coming-of-age, teen fantasy invites readers into a mesmerizing world where feline grace and canine charm collide in the fantastical landscapes of your imagination. Within these pages, a mysterious catastrophe forces the Katz family to flee their once-peaceful home in Catlantis. Join Pete Katz, a charismatic feline with a penchant for adventure, as he leads his family on an unforgettable escapade to the unknown realm of Barkadia Bay. Unravel the enigmatic secrets behind their journey and witness the bonds of family, love, and laughter unfold against a backdrop of whimsical and fantastical creatures.


Shifting Moon: Shifting Moon Saga Book 1 by Hope Worthington, featured on April 22nd, is a Young Adult(YA) novel you don’t want to miss!

Embark on a thrilling journey through ancient Rome, Iron Age Ireland, and present-day high school drama with seventeen-year-old Remy West and Canine Shapeshifter Logan Caino as they strive to fulfill their ancient roles. Will they overcome the odds, or will dark forces tear them apart?

Shifting Moon is not just another teen paranormal romance novel. It’s a world within a world where the sudden appearance of a mysterious new boy, a longstanding Shifter rivalry, Black Magic, warring ancient Clans, and the supernatural intertwine to create a story that will leave a lasting impression. Shifting Moon is intended for readers who love stories about shapeshifters, ancient civilizations, mythology, and paranormal romance.


The month starts to wind down on April 24th with Be True To Yourself by Trey Claybrook.

Hidden beneath the peaceful cover of Charlotte, lies a killer’s deadly desires, Detective Donovan Harris is about to confront a darkness that transcends the boundaries of the rational. What begins as a routine murder investigation takes a nightmarish turn, plunging Donovan into a race against time as a cryptic killer sends a chilling message through each gruesome crime, sometimes hidden within the identity of the victims themselves.

As the body count rises, Donovan’s grip on reality falters. The world around him fractures like a splintering glass, and the cracks spread, threatening to shatter his sanity. Desperate to cling to his tenuous connection to reality, Donovan finds an unexpected ally in Elise—a haunting voice from his past, guiding him through the labyrinth of madness. “Be True To Yourself” is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge, questioning the very nature of reality.


And last but not least, today’s Featured Indie Author is a True Life Adventure! The Elusive Flash of Lightning: Gems of Learning from the Opal Fields
by Paul V. Young.

This true adventure took place just over fifty years ago at Lightning Ridge, the home of unique Australian black opals in outback NSW. The author arrived before his eighteenth birthday, making him the youngest miner working on the opal fields at that time as well as one of the last to work manually with pick and shovel, in tunnels lit by lanterns or candles.

Without electricity, water supply, TV, or telephones, this story is a reminder for older readers of life as it was in the outback half a century ago. And for younger readers, it describes an era without electronic communications, when we still relied on the postal service.


What Do I Have Going This Week?

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The Order of Light – A Sneak Preview






The gathering was small, considering the significance of the event.

Inez and Clara Mac Paidin stood breathlessly, gazing at the black space on the far wall where the portal would appear at the appointed time.

The others in the room, extended family members, were hand-selected, having been issued elegant, hand-written invitations to attend the momentous occasion. Each person wore formal attire, and the space was dark, except for the multitude of chunky white candles providing illumination.

There would be no media coverage; the rest of the world would remain blissfully uninformed. Though what was about to occur in this shadowy room would be Earth-shattering in its impact.

At midnight, everyone checked their watch in anticipation. Then, precisely at 12:01 a.m., a shimmering oval in shades of aqua, pink, and gold began to materialize in the designated space. It hovered there in mid-air as the energy in the room amplified with each passing moment.

Finally, three personages began to take form, and the small audience dropped to their knees, heads bowed.

Chava emerged from the portal, flanked by two others, one on either side of her. The silence in the room was deafening as she stood and assessed the group before her.

“My children,” she said, and though it was a whisper, the power of her voice filled the room completely. Still, those in attendance remained motionless, heads bowed in fear and trembling.

“Arise, and fear not, I bring blessings of great joy.” Chava stretched out her hands and watched over the gathering expectantly.

Inez was first to lift her head and gaze upon the apparition. Reluctantly, she stood and faced The Three.

“Come to me, my daughter,” Chava turned her hand palm up in Inez’s direction and, mesmerized by the goddess’s glowing amber eyes, Inez moved slowly forward.

Clara and the others in the room raised their heads, gazing in quiet curiosity.

Inez came to a stop and bowed before Chava, who placed a hand on her head.

“Through you, blessed child, I will restore the Gift of Everlasting Life, that my chosen people, the very Elect of humanity, may die no more.”

The other two personages with her also placed a hand on top of Inez’s head; then they uttered the words together,

“By The Power of Three.”

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