World Building for Isabella the Invisible

Isabella the Invisible - The Sumerian Sorceress

Book One Starts in the Ancient Land of Sumer

You might be surprised to learn how much research is required to write fiction.

At least _good_ fiction.

I do a LOT of research for my books.

I actually LOVE researching topics that interest me. And I’m super intrigued by anthropology and the history of our human existence on this planet.

When I first learned about Sumeria – otherwise known as Sumer – and the vast amount of information available about that ancient civilization I was immediately drawn in, wanting to learn more.

So, when the initial seed of a storyline began to take shape in my mind for a new Young Adult(YA) fantasy series, my focus was directed toward Sumer.

Have you heard of this ancient land before? Sumer is the earliest known civilization, located in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia (now south-central Iraq). It emerged between the sixth and fifth millennium BC. Like Egypt, it is considered one of the ‘cradles of civilization’. The citizens of this thriving region lived along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Map of Mesopotamia

The world’s earliest known texts come from the Sumerian cities of Uruk and Jemdet Nasr, and date to between c. 3350 – c. 2500 BC. Here is a short video explaining a bit about the form of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia, known as Cuneiform.

ISABELLA the Invisible

Isabella is a 16-year-old Sumerian princess in line to inherit her father’s throne when an evil sorceress casts a curse of invisibility on her. She is then thrust forward in time to present-day USA, where Isabella and her new friends strive to solve the mystery of removing the curse and returning her to ancient Sumer and her awaiting kingdom.

As you probably know, my first fiction series: Jack and the Magic Hat Maker is a Middle-Grade(MG) fantasy series about a 12-year-old orphan boy.

The Golden Telescope

The story was inspired by my dad’s real-life childhood experience. I developed the world and storyline for that series based very loosely on my dad and his family experience. I didn’t know anything about genre or how the age of your protagonist, or main character, determines your book’s genre designation.

I’ve learned a lot since then, having published the first four books in that series now. And while I love that series, and there are still five more books yet to come (books FIVE- THE ORDER OF LIGHT and SIX – THE DARK CABAL are currently on Pre-Order for delivery this fall and next spring), I wanted to create a new series featuring a main character who, from the start, is a little older. Also, being the grandmother of three beautiful mixed-race grandchildren, I like the idea of designing a main character who looks more like them.

The Story Begins in Ancient Sumer – But Quickly Shifts to Modern Times USA

As a princess in line for the throne, Isabella has been protected and pampered her whole life. While she has been well-educated, and groomed to rule a kingdom, that training will be mostly irrelevant when she is thrust into the alien environment of contemporary United States of America.

Add to that the fact that she is invisible…confronted with all kinds of challenges that no one could be prepared for…and you get a glimpse of the world I am building.


Isabella the Invisible and The Sumerian Sorceress is currently available on PRE-ORDER for electronic delivery on November 28, 2024.




*Next Update – I’ll Reveal Which U.S. City She Lands In

I’d love to hear your opinion about the U.S. city Isabella should be magically transported through time and space to. Which of the following destinations would you choose?

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