A Love Like Ours

A Love Like Ours

A Memoir

by Michelle Ferguson


It’s one of everyone’s worst nightmares. A doctor’s visit reveals that the person you love has only a limited time to live. If this happened to you, how would you spend those final years?

This life-changing scenario is exactly what Michelle Ferguson faced when her husband Jerry discovered he had Stage IV Terminal Cancer. How Michelle and Jerry spent their final years together is documented in A Love Like Ours, the incredible true story by the debuting author Michelle Ferguson. It’s a heartbreaking story of the human condition and the perseverance of true love.

Everyone acts differently in times of grief, and for Michelle and Jerry the love they held for each other inspired them to continue living their life to the fullest, even to the last minute. A Love Like Ours is a story filled with travels to cities all around the world, countless visits to the doctors, Michelle’s own battle with breast cancer during her husband’s final years, and finding something to smile about even during life’s toughest battles. Overall, it’s a life-affirming memoir that underscores how fragile human life is and shows the reader that our time on this planet is numbered, which means you should never take it for granted.



Michelle Ferguson
Michelle Ferguson

Michelle Ferguson was raised by her grandparents in Alcantara, a village about 55 miles (86 kilometers) south of Cebu in the Philippines. She met Jerry in Cebu City, the man she would eventually marry. She then continued to work there until the early 2000s when Michelle and Jerry relocated to the United States of America and settled in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There she nourished her love for diving, traveling all around the world, and learning French. After losing her husband Jerry to cancer, Michelle is reigniting her passions and learning to find herself again.


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