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Best Tracy - Tyler, TX Closet 3-10-2022
I’ve nicknamed this closet office my Cloffice. This is where I’m setting up a temporary work space until we move out onto our own acreage.
Jeff and I moved from Forest Grove, Oregon to Tyler, Texas, last week. We set up short-term housing in a nice, gated apartment community while we search for land to build our off-grid “forever home.” We are in a very spacious 1-bedroom, 3rd-floor apartment. This is a big change from the 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath house with a large fenced yard backing up to wetlands where we lived for four years in Forest Grove.

But this apartment is enough for our needs.

Jeff has a nice den with a built-in desk, drawers, and shelves for his workspace. That cubby is located just off the main entrance. There is no door, but it works because the spacious living room and kitchen separate his space from the rest of the apartment, so he has enough privacy to do his software development work. I initially set up my desk in the dining area, which is open to the main part of the place. But today I decided I really need a closed-off room with a DOOR to get into the mental space needed for digging into my writing. Fortunately, we have a HUGE walk-in closet in our bedroom (like 9′ x 5′) that is more like a small bedroom than a closet. And fortunately, there is an electrical outlet inside this space.

So, I decided to move my desk into this cozy closet.

The idea of a closet office isn’t new to me. I’ve done it in the past when living in cramped quarters.
Having sold almost all of our worldly possessions, besides what would fit into the back of our little Kia Soul, we are still waiting on the delivery of our new bed and living room furniture. This is fine, for now. We knew the apartment would be a landing pad while we searched for land to build on.
I’m actually quite content in this cozy little closet office space. 😉 It provides the seclusion needed for crafting a good story!

I’ll keep you posted about our homesteading progress.

Tyler Texas land example
Tyler Texas Land Example

There are so many variables to think about before building! There’s the matter of clearing the land; most of this area is covered with lush forest. Then we’ll need to establish a street address, arrange for utility hook-ups, create building designs, plan a garden, figure out pest control, and even think about pets or animal husbandry.

Until then…all the very best to you from my happy little closet office. 😉 ❤ (Don’t you just love that adorable goblet Jeff bought me this past Christmas? Of course, it HAD to make the trip from Oregon to Texas with us! It’s so WRITER-themed!)
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