Top 10 List For Building Your Immune System

Be Happy

A strong immune system is your best defense against any virus, illness, or disease. And plenty of doctors and health professionals agree!

So, what can you to to ensure your immune system is as strong as it can possibly be?

There are a few well-documented steps you can take that will make you nearly bullet-proof when it comes to preventing sickness and staying healthy and strong!



pastriesELIMINATE ALL JUNK FOOD FROM YOUR DIET – There are opinions on both sides of the isle regarding which is best; a low-carb/animal-based diet or a high-carb/plant based diet. Both can be effective for health and weight-loss. But the one thing both camps agree on is that it doesn’t matter as much what you DO eat, but more importantly, what you DON’T eat! What do I mean by that? Both lifestyles advocate for consuming a whole-food, no-junk diet. So, no matter what diet you follow, just make sure to eliminate all or most of the following; refined vegetable and seed oils, refined grains, refined sweeteners. If you eliminate foods with just those ingredients alone, you will be doing your immune system a HUGE favor! Sounds pretty easy, right? Ya, you’d be surprised! Almost all packaged and fast foods you purchase contain at least one…if not all of the above ingredients! Make sure you are reading labels when purchasing packaged foods. Better yet…only shop for single ingredient, whole foods. And remember that even some meats and cheeses contain other non-health-promoting ingredients. Check out Farm Foods for high-quality, grass-fed meats you can order online and have shipped directly to your door.


sleepingGET PLENTY OF GOOD QUALITY SLEEP – Sleep is the time your body uses to preform repair at the cellular level. Many people have a hard time sleeping, especially when their mind is consumed with stressful thoughts. If you have a hard time getting quality sleep, Magnesium might help. Daily Magnesium intake may: Help maintain normal muscle and nerve function, Help maintain healthy heart rhythms, Help in the absorption of calcium and potassium, Help support glucose metabolism. Which all assist in your ability to relax and get to sleep more quickly and ensure you sleep more soundly. MagOx is the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand.




sunshineGET SOME SUNSHINE EVERY DAY – It is a well-known fact that vitamin D (not actually a vitamin, but a hormone) is only produced in the human body when our skin is exposed to sunshine. But did you know that sunshine is also an amazing antibacterial, disinfectant, and sanitizer? This article by The Sunlight Institute does a great job of explaining the details! So, be sure to try to get your daily dose of those magical rays!





jumpingGET SOME EXERCISE – But (and many will love this bit) not too much. According to this article by the U.S. National Library of Medicine regular physical activity can have lots of benefits on your health and wellness. But over-doing it might actually be counter-productive. So, make sure you are moving your body daily, but don’t take on any highly-stressful workout routines if you’re not already well-prepared for them. Jeff and I like to JUMP ON A REBOUNDER when we can’t get outside for a walk or lift weights.





citrusSUPPLEMENT WITH GOOD QUALITY VITAMIN C – Most people aren’t getting nearly enough vitamin c. From its role in reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy immune function, to the potential anti-aging effects, this powerful antioxidant is ESSENTIAL to every system in the human body. This article at WebMD goes into a lot of detail about the many health benefits of this amazing vitamin. However, not all supplements are the same. To cut costs, many manufacturers source cheap, low quality ingredients that end up being difficult for your body to absorb. Some even estimate absorption rates as low as 15%. They may be inexpensive, but in many cases you’re essentially purchasing glorified sugar pills… I’ve researched the best sources of vitamin C that don’t sacrifice on quality (or cost hundreds of dollars per serving) and now highly recommend Purathrive Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C.






STAY HYDRATED – The importance of staying hydrated for immune system health can not be over stated. According to this article at Daily Health Post ” It is vital to maintain a good level of hydration to assist in eliminating byproducts of any illness and help the immune system fight off infection.” A good quality, BPA-free water bottle is a good way to monitor how much H2O you’re consuming each day. This One Gallon Jug is inexpensive and I love the time markers on the side for keeping your daily consumption on track.








SIP HOT BEVERAGES – Hot drinks can give your immune system a big boost! Especially when they contain antioxidants and other nutrients to help keep your body healthy and strong. These 7 Drinks I found at Mark’s Daily Apple are a great place to start! I would add to those, Hibiscus Tea, which is a great source of naturally occurring vitamin c!






Intermittent FastingPRACTICE INTERMITTENT FASTING – The general consensus seems pretty universal; Intermittent Fasting is good for your health. According to this article at, “a study showed that a 3-day fast can essentially reset the immune system, providing many potential benefits.” The article goes on to break down a variety of types of IF, so going 3-days without food is not the only way to achieve the benefits of fasting. Simply extending the window of time before and/or after you sleep each night offers increased benefits for your immune system and general health.








breathingOPEN YOUR HOUSE AND BREATHE FRESH AIR – Who knew simply breathing fresh air could have so many incredible health benefits! But it does! This article from Healthy Diet Base breaks down the many ways oxygen benefits the body. Additionally, did you know that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your house may actually be more polluted than the air outside! Shocking, I know! This article from Mind Body Green breaks it all down for you and offers some great reasons to open your house and ventilate, especially during colder months. And how, with Covid-19 and flu season upon us, it’s especially important that we keep fresh air circulating inside our homes!




Be HappyBE HAPPY AND AVOID NEGATIVE INFLUENCES – As an artist and optimist, I believe this last suggestion might be more important than all the rest of them together! (But still do those, too!) In this very interesting article at Scientific American, Professor Steven Cole and this colleagues at the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of California, Los Angeles “published a string of studies suggesting that negative mental states such as stress and loneliness guide immune responses by driving broad programs of gene expression, shaping our ability to fight disease. If he is right, the way people see the world could affect everything from their risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease to the progression of conditions such as HIV and cancer.” Pretty amazing stuff, huh? So, consider turning off the news, staying off of social media, and instead do something that brings you joy and genuinely makes you happy! Your health may depend on it!

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