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Tracy - June 2022


I’ve been dying my hair since I was thirteen years old. I was born a toe-head blonde. Do kids these days even know what that means? I was the only child in my family of five kids who had naturally

Tracy and family - about age 3.5
Tracy and family – about age 3.5

white-blonde hair. That’s me, front and center, in that photo.

When puberty hit (for me, that started at age eleven), my roots started coming in a more ashy ‘dishwater blonde’ that I didn’t like so much. So, I started buying that grocery-store boxed hair dye and began keeping my hair a lighter shade of blonde. I also occasionally tried those ‘paint-on’ frost kits for added highlights.

Then, when I was in high school, I read an instruction manual about how to cut your own hair.

Farrah Fawcet Poster


I’m not sure if this was before or after that Farrah Fawcett poster that everyone had on their bedroom walls. You know the one from when she was in the hit tv series Charlie’s Angels. If you’re about my age, you couldn’t have missed it. Her hairstyle in that poster became very popular with teens and young women alike. She ‘supposedly’ invented that style herself by bending over at the waist and, with a pair of scissors, cutting the hair straight across.

Tracy - Orem HS Social Psychology Campus Release Card - About age 15-16
Tracy – Orem HS Social Psychology Campus Release Card – About age 15-16

This resulted in the very popular layered look that dominated 1970s women’s hairstyles. And while my hair was never that long in those days, I definitely tried to replicate the style myself.

About that time, I also started cutting hair for my co-workers at Sizzler Restaurant, where I worked in my junior and senior years. Funnily enough, my ‘customers’ (I didn’t charge them for the service) were primarily guys who wanted that feathered look. A style I had basically mastered.


All those years, though, I continued to dye my hair to keep it some shade of blonde. Whether I dyed it myself or hired a stylist at a salon to do it for me. I never deviated from my Nordic-heritage blonde color.

But by age forty-five, I was ready for a dramatic change.

I don’t know what it was that made me take the plunge, but BOY did I decide to go for a BIG CHANGE!

Wondering what it might be like to be a brunette, I decided to visit a salon and have my hair color changed to an almost black shade of burgundy.


sqTracy2017As it turned out, I really liked the look of dark hair on my complexion. So, while I didn’t keep it that dark the entire time (I played with various shades of red and even had streaks of garnet and amethyst put in at one point.)

I toyed with adding blonde highlight back in a few times, but I mostly kept my hair dark for the major part of that decade.


I’m getting there, be patient! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I mention my history with hair color and style to establish my personal interest in the subject. I did neglect to say, however, that when I was a teen, I visited a cosmetology school to learn about enrolling. That vocation dream didn’t materialize until much later when I was in my fifties. I actually did become a student at a local beauty school in Beaverton, Oregon, and learned a bit about becoming a professional hair stylist. But ultimately decided that wasn’t the career path for me. But I continue to have an interest in hairstyles and colors. So, finally…


Seems I may have intuitively been a little ahead of the curve without even realizing it! According to THIS ARTICLE AT ALLURE DOT COM the ‘color of the season’ is something professional stylists are calling Sparkling Champagne. This color spans the spectrum from light blonde to sun-kissed shades of strawberry.

Tracy in Cloffice - 2022I adopted this trendy color early in 2022 when I altered my hair color to a subtle shade of red.

Other popular colors this autumn are; Nutella (a deep brown with red undertones), Irish Setter (a darker red leaning more toward auburn), but Pearl Blonde is also having quite a moment, according to Tiffanie Richards, New York City-based colorist at Louise O’Connor Salon. She says fall is the perfect time to shift from the warmer, golden blonde tones of summer to a cooler hue. Wheat Blonde, a warmer shade of the lighter color, will also be popular, as will Warm Red, Midnight Brunette, Chocolate Brown, and even Rose, which is just what it sounds like; shades of pink.

Also popular for Fall 2022 Hair Trends will be something they are calling ‘Two Tone.’ Which is pretty much what it sounds like; two distinct panels of color on one head of hair.  And Shadow Roots – which is basically what they are calling a more ‘low maintenance’ way to manage darker roots on hair stripped of its natural color for a blonde effect. Basically, dying the roots a lighter shade to blend more naturally with the blonde as they grow out.


A fun version of distinct colors in hair will be the exciting Color Block option…that, I’m guessing, will be more popular with younger people. If you click on the link to that article above, you’ll see some really awesome examples of what this Fall 2022 Hair Trend looks like.

Surprisingly – to me, anyhow – appearing on this list is Salt and Pepper. But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, with so many of Hollywood’s celebrity elite entering their more senior years. This is simply embracing your gray. LOL! Basically arriving at the “I don’t give a rat’s…tail…about my hair color anymore attitude.


Most of this post has focused on color. So, for a minute, anyhow, I guess I should touch on cuts and styles for Fall 2022.

According to THIS ARTICLE AT NUMEHAIR DOT COM, the top ten hair trends for Fall 2022 will be:

  • Trendy Bob
  • Bombshell Red
  • Straight Y2k Hair
  • Natural Curls
  • Vivid Colors
  • Blonde Balayage
  • Heavy Layers/Shaggy Haircuts
  • Curlights
  • Sleek Midnight Brown
  • Bangs

You’ll want to click on the link to that article to read and see more details about each of those. But suffice it to say that I’m pretty much a perma-bang girl, lol! So, I’m happy to see they will be trendy this fall. I also naturally gravitate toward layers since my hair is so thick and heavy. If I don’t have layers, it just hangs and looks lifeless. And I’m committed to keeping my hair long, so shorter styles don’t apply for me. But a shorter cut might be the perfect thing for you!

Which colors and styles do you like best for Fall 2022 Hair Trends? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Are you doing something new and exciting with your hair this autumn?

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