The Little Christmas Ornament

The Little Christmas Ornament

by Nicholas and Heather Corbett

The Little Christmas Ornament has been with Oliver’s family for as long as he can remember. The other Christmas ornaments are jealous that a small ornament so simple and plain gets hung in the best spot on the tree every year.

When Oliver accidentally drops the Little Christmas Ornament on the floor and breaks it into pieces, will this be the end of its tradition on the Christmas tree?

The Little Christmas Ornament is a story that teaches us that love is more important than outward appearance.

“BEAUTIFUL STORY – This is an adorable book about a little ornament that means so much to its family. It is great for children to remind them about what truly matters. It was easy to read and flowed well. The illustrations are so cute! A great Christmas story for sure! ~Nicole Oke

“HEART WARMING – This book reflects the versatility that this new author has to offer. Heather, along with her husband Nicholas, have put together a heartwarming story about the true meaning of Christmas, marriage, children, and life. ~Susan G.


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