Rehab For Love

Rehab for Love

Through the Reflection

by Dara Randall

“Rehab For Love,” metaphorically explores the link between unhealthy love and substance abuse, intertwining a self-help workbook with a story written in poetry. As the pages turn, the story unveils the mesmerizing allure of falling into a narcissistic relationship, guiding readers towards profound self-discovery and healing. The poetry beautifully illustrates how, like the ever-flowing waters that make up most of our being, we often forget that we are, at our core, beings of love. We chase after external sources to quench a thirst that perpetually resides within us. “Rehab For Love” is a reminder that we are not just in pursuit of love; we are love itself. Immerse yourself in this journey of remembering your connection to the infinite wellspring of love that dwells within.


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