The Key on Edge

The Key on Edge

by Michael J. Piatt

“As the rock was lifted, a shiny key was revealed standing perfectly on edge, defying gravity, as the lights flickered on and off.”

A small town, a gang of friends, the courage to discover, and too many mysterious coincidences to be real make this exciting adventure come to life for all who dare.

Follow the gang as they face survival challenges on the enchanting mountain, make unexplainable discoveries in the haunted mansion, and save their beloved dog, Grand Paw, from peril, all through a search to find the author of the fictional manuscript that somehow comes to life. Feel the fear as the gang experiences a summer they will never forget. Discover how The Key on Edge unlocks a lifetime of intrigue and wonder.

Mystical images from the past are intertwined with present-day realities that are just too coincidental to be real—or are they?

The faceted edges of the key are destined to heighten individual creativity throughout this work. As you enter the world of the Sharefield Gang, you do so at your own risk. Discovery is not for the faint of heart!

Understanding and practicing creative thinking are the backbones of this uplifting and inspiring mystery novel. So, delve into the unknown, embrace the magic, and let your imagination soar. The Key on Edge will leave you questioning what lies beyond today. It will ignite a sense of curiosity and excitement that will stay with you long after the final pages.

Discussion Notes are provided.

Illustrated by Juan Giraldo.


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