You Are The Way, The Truth & The Life

You Are The Way

Manifest your Dream Life with Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption

by Fabio Mantegna, Elmer O. Locker Jr., and Neville Goddard

The principles of manifestation in one book: „You Are The Way” takes you step-by-step to your wish fulfillment with the Law of Assumption according to Neville Goddard!


I’m glad you found your way here, because something inside you wants MORE out of life – more love, more happiness, more fulfillment. But as long as these things remain just a wish, you’ll be chasing your dreams forever. What you need in order to make your wish come true are proven techniques for manifesting.

Have you ever wondered why there are people with a “golden touch” while others are constantly haunted by bad luck? If you count yourself in the first category, congratulations! You’re already pretty good at creating conscious manifestations. In this case, the techniques in this Manifestation Book will help you fulfill (even) greater desires. Often, however, reality looks more like this: You struggle and put in such incredible effort to achieve your goals. But whenever things seem to be going uphill, the next defeat, the next obstacle, the next setback comes your way. You’ve walked two steps and been thrown back three.

When I was at that point, I thought: There are so many reports of people who have made the almost impossible possible, just by being able to manifest properly. Then why isn’t it working for me? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I be happy? But this is the wrong way of thinking! I remembered some moments from my life in which I had desperately wished for something and then it actually happened. Completely unconsciously, I had manifested my wish fulfillment at that time – even a lost love in my youth!

The problem? Without the right guidance, manifesting remains a „fluke”!

Have there been moments like this in your life? For example, look at where you are today: Which of your present circumstances did your younger self wish for? Why I say this is: We manifest all the time, but mostly unconsciously and therefore often not what we desire, but what we fear. To avoid repeating old patterns and calling unwanted things into our lives, we should learn how manifestation exactly works.

Author & Master of Manifestation Neville Goddard has broken down the Law of Assumption (the proper Law of Attraction) and Hermetic Laws to its most important components, thereby achieving the greatest successes in manifesting. Personally, but also for thousands and thousands of students who learned to manifest properly through him. One of his apprentices was Elmer O. Locker Jr. His grandson David has enriched this Manifestation Book with many of his experiences in manifestation. If you, too, want to use your consciousness, the power of your mind & the power of your subconscious mind to fulfill your desires, then wait no longer and use the techniques & instructions in this book.

  • You want to achieve financial independence? In this Manifest Book you will find a manifesting guide to getting rich!
  • Are you longing for your specific person or soul mate? With the techniques in this Manifestation Book you will find love and happiness!
  • Do you want to become fit and healthy? The instructions in this Manifesting Book will teach you how to manifest it!

Get this Manifestation Book: Let your heart’s desires come true & start living the Dream Life you deserve!


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