10 Short Fairy Tale Stories

10 Short Fairy Tale Stories

by Martin B. Flores

10 is About the Journey

Ten short fairy tale stories in one book.

Every story in this book shows you how to overcome obstacles.

Don’t believe in something just because everyone else does; follow your heart. Don’t let anything get in the way of your goals, and things will work themselves out. All types of morals and lessons are addressed in the pages of this book. Even though fairy tales are written with children in mind, there are many concepts even adults will value. This book is for all ages and backgrounds.


When I began writing 10, I wasn’t in the best place in my life—considering all the obstacles I’ve faced, what on earth made me write a book?

Even though I’ve always had a positive mindset and optimism for the future, writing this book made me dig deep into my heart and soul. I just knew I could get through anything that was in my way.

Sometimes, putting the complexities of modern adult life aside and returning to the lessons of childhood is the best way forward. The stories in 10 are accessible to everyone, and what they teach is relevant to all ages and backgrounds.

Writing the final story, The Way to the Treasure, reminded me that if you want good things, you must do good things for others. Like Marty, sometimes I did the right thing just because I knew I was supposed to. I’ve made my share of mistakes and haven’t always been the man I should be.

Once I understood what this really meant, I started doing good deeds because I wanted to, not because I expected anything in return. I learned that we all face certain obstacles for a reason. I worked on bettering myself; I made up for past mistakes and kept looking forward.

To those who believed in me, thank you. You are one of the many reasons I wrote this. I hope this book is a reminder, a companion, and a compass for you and all its readers. The stories contained within will show you that you shouldn’t let even the biggest challenges stand in the way of your goals.

Greatness is around the corner.


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