Thrall: A Dark YA Urban Fantasy – BOOK REVIEW

Thrall - A Dark YA Urban Fantasy - Daughters Of Lilith Book 1Thrall: Daughters Of Lilith Book 1 of 5

by Jennifer Quintenz

  • ASIN: B008464TEK
  • Publisher: Secret Tree Press (June 1, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 310 pages
  • Genre: YA paranormal thriller

Summary: Braedyn Murphy is a typical—if shy—sophomore navigating the slings and arrows of high school life with her two best friends, Royal and Cassie. Then a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door, and Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But Braedyn’s normal life comes crashing down around her ears when she learns she’s a descendant of Lilith, the mother of all demons – and that she might play a critical role in an ancient war between the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Lilith. Turns out the right answers aren’t always clear or easy. And as for “good” and “evil” – it all depends on how you choose to act.

Inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian myths of Lilith and her offspring, Thrall explores first love, strong friendships, and taking on adult responsibilities against the backdrop of powerful supernatural forces and life-and-death stakes.


Thrall captivated me right out the gate. Jennifer Quintenz’s writing style drew me in with her ability to connect her reader with the main character, Braedyn, and dive deep into her world. As a history, religion, and spirituality buff, I especially loved that she tapped into myths and legends. These references are not only based on biblical sources, but those from other ancient cultures as well. These are the kind of little details that, as a fiction writer myself, suck me in and keep me reading!

The characters are well-developed, the world and settings are vividly depicted, and the story arc is gratifying.

I’m not a big romance reader. I like an element of a love relationship in the books I read, but I detest when it’s overdone. Jennifer does a spectacular job of incorporating age-appropriate romance scenes that turn up the temperature but are never too much. I kind of love how she utilized the “untouchable” aspect in Braedyn’s relationship with Lucas…it reminded me of the romance between Bella and Edward in the first books of the Twilight series. I found that it left me wanting more. Perfect.

Thrall was such a page-turner, all the way through, that I have since purchased and read Book 2: Incubus, and I just finished Book 3: Sacrifice. I rarely find an author and series so engaging that I buy all the books in the series. But you can bet I’ll be purchasing Book 4: Guardian and likely Book 5: Kin, as well!
If you like paranormal and fantasy fiction, you will love this book!

Thrall is absolutely a 5 Star Read!


About The Author

Jennifer QuintenzOriginally from New Mexico (and still suffering from Hatch green chile withdrawal), Jenn is the author of the award-winning DAUGHTERS OF LILITH paranormal thriller YA novels. Outside of writing books, Jenn has penned projects for TV (including MTV’s TEEN WOLF), graphic novels (THE RED STAR, THE BOND OF SAINT MARCEL), and film (most recently adapting Erica O’Rourke’s novel DISSONANCE for the big screen). Jenn currently lives in California with her husband and sons, and is realizing a life-long dream of growing actual real live avocados in her backyard. No guacamole yet–but she lives in hope.

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